Why Reflection is So Important

Reflection is so important…

Reflection is so important, you need to really dive deep into the past year and look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Reflecting is so personal. I’m sure that everyone has had a slightly different experience this year. But I think for the most part we can all agree that it’s been pretty sh*t, personally and professionally.

So many businesses have been hit over the last couple years, but I truly believe that a lot of us are worse off now than at the beginning of 2020. We had so much support and help throughout the first year of the pandemic, but now so many industries are suffering because we’re not receiving the same funding or financial support we once were. 

Not only that...

I’m sure a lot of us have been struggling mentally. It’s a lot to wrap your head around in general and so much uncertainty it can really take its toll on us. Especially with the added stress of our businesses.

It’s important to note that we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves if we haven’t achieved everything we wanted to. I feel we’re in a period of time where so many of us are just relentlessly hard on ourselves. But we shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed. We should be proud that we’ve at least survived this year, because it’s been an absolute sh*t show.

It’s important to make time to reflect…

Whether you’re a business owner or not, I think we can all get so caught up in various different things that just take up so much time and energy. We often forget to take a moment to ourselves and evaluate what we’ve been through, where we’re at, and where we want to be.

It’s no secret that life can be total chaos sometimes, especially over the past 12 months. But by taking time to reflect, you’re able to switch off from this chaos and give yourself a pat on the back – we all need that now and then. 

Reflection allows you to develop and grow personally and professionally. By identifying what you’ve achieved and what you’ve learnt, you’ll gain clarity on what your next moves should be moving forward.

The good, the bad, and the ugly…

When reflecting it’s important to consider all aspects. Think about and appreciate the things that you have achieved, and give yourself credit where it’s due! But also think about the bad things. Think about the hard times and consider the lessons you’ve learnt from these experiences

As hard as it may be it’s so important to recognise and identify the low points of our lives. They make us who we are, we learn so much from them. You may even be a totally different person if you hadn’t been through the things you have.

The Reflection Handbook…

To help you with your own reflection, I’ve created a reflection handbook that’s free to download. It includes a ton of different questions that really make you think about everything from over the past year, for your business and your personal life!

The handbook dives deep into a bunch of different areas within your business like your finances, time management, and self development, as well as all the personal things you may have been through such as relationships, challenges and the way you’ve overcome them. 

It’s designed to help you consider absolutely everything so you can start the New Year with a fresh mindset, and more clarity on what you want to achieve and improve on over the next 12 months.

Contact me HERE to get your FREE reflection handbook!

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