Why you Need to Apply for Business Awards

Have you ever considered applying for business awards? They can be super beneficial for your business. There are a ton of different business awards in the UK, from local small business awards all the way to national scale awards. You’ve got your main awards that include pretty much every category of business out there, but there are also some about that are niche-specific like beauty awards.

My point is, there are a huge amount of awards, categories and niches that your business would qualify for, so why not apply? There usually is a registration fee, but there are lots of benefits to getting involved. Usually, there’ll be a lot of nominations for each category, then around 4 or 5 businesses are short-listed as finalists to be in with a chance of winning.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of applying for business awards!

How can applying for business awards benefit your business?

  • Credibility

    Well to start with, having some awards attached to your name is going to increase your credibility. Of course, one of the main things that makes you credible is client testimonials and reviews, because people want to see you’ve really helped people! But awards can 100% make you more credible. This makes it more likely for potential clients or customers to choose you over your competitors.

  • Exposure and visibility

    It goes without saying that awards are going to boost your exposure. Even being shortlisted will give you some extra visibility. And of course it’s always good to get your name out there! If you win, you’ll likely be featured in local papers, on articles and websites and even on the hosts social media. More exposure and visibility is going to help you reach more people! From there you can nurture them, build the relationship and then potentially covert them into paying clients or customers.

  • New connections

    One thing I will ALWAYS preach as a business owner is that you need a support network of like-minded people. Ones that really get you and your struggles. By getting involved in awards you’ll meet new people and build new connections. You may even come across an opportunity for collaboration. Regardless whether these connections become your closest friends or not, it’s always a good idea to have a strong network of connections for both support and collaboration.

  • New experiences

    It’s not JUST about business! Award ceremonies can be so much fun and such a great personal experience. They’re SUPER exciting and again give you a chance to meet new people, blow off some steam and have a few drinks (if that’s your thing!). If you have your own team too, bringing them with you can be a great team building/bonding experience and something you can all do together. They really are so much fun!

  • Business growth

    And overall, awards can seriously help you grow your business. Like I said, they give you more credibility, more visibility and more connections. These are essential things you need when looking to grow or scale your business.

My awards:

I’ve won a fair few awards in my time in business, but some of the standouts for me are:

  • Most Loved Business in Peterborough from ‘The Best Of’
  • Fifth Most Loved Business in the UK from ‘The Best Of’
  • Winner of the ‘Unique Business’ award at the ‘Mumpreneur UK’ Awards
  • Winner of the ‘Overall Small Business of the Year’ award at ‘The Small Awards’
  • Winner of ‘Female Entrepreneur’ and the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Community’ awards at ‘Women Leader’s 2018’ (which lead to me being invited to The Queen’s garden party!)

I’ve even had the amazing experience of being a judge at the ‘National Business Women Awards in 2018 and at the ‘Small Business Awards Peterborough’ in 2017 and 2018. What an experience! I even talk about how much of an honour it was in my book.

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