Tips to Help Grow Your Business This Year

Do you need help to grow
your business?

Are you looking to take your business to the next level this year? Do you need some help to grow your business? I know the past couple of years have been a sh*t show for some of us, but this is THE year!

In the face of uncertainty, it’s natural to feel the need for guidance and actionable strategies to propel your business forward. The good news is that this year is ripe for transformation, and now is the perfect time to channel that readiness into concrete action.

I also know for a lot of us it’s been super hard to stay motivated, and stay clear on what’s best for our businesses, but this year I’m feeling ready to really take action. Are you with me? I’ve put together some of my top tips to help you grow your business this year.

The facts…

  • Research your market

    Whatever industry you’re in, there’s probably a ton of competition. So it’s always a good idea to research your market and keep up to date with your competitors. Take a look at your industry. What are your competitors offering? What are their prices? Consider your unique selling point and make sure your business stands out from the crowd.

    It’s a good idea to create something that keeps track of your market activity. Look into things like statistics and case studies so you can tailor your business to attract potential clients within this market. Evaluate your business and what you offer and make sure it’s relevant to your market.

  • Define your target audience

    So you know what you’re selling and how you’re selling it. But WHO are you selling to? Are you clear on your target audience and the kind of people that you want to work with?

    When defining your target audience, firstly think demographics. How old are they? Are you primarily trying to attract men or women? Think location – is it local? Global? Make sure these things are clear.

    Then go even deeper. Identify what pain points and problems your target audience has. Consider their beliefs and values. What’s the common ground between your audience? What traits, problems, or values do they share? Getting clear on this will allow you to tailor your content to attract the right audience, and help grow your business.

  • Nurture your customers

    Have you heard me talk about reach, nurture, convert? If not I’d be surprised! It’s something I tend to teach my clients. It’s all about reaching your target audience, nurturing them, and then converting them into paying customers.

    Nurturing your potential customers and clients is super important for the growth of your business. Once you’ve reached them, you need to build a relationship with them. Build rapport and trust by starting the conversation! Check up on them every so often and see how they’re doing.

    Offering things like free resources, discounts and deals, early access to ticketed events are a great way to build up that trust and loyalty between you and the client, which will ultimately persuade them to purchase from your business, over your competitors.

  • Go to Networking Events to Grow your business

    Networking events are a great way to get in front of other business owners and promote your business.

    You’ll spend a few hours, surrounded by like-minded business owners, discussing your businesses and planning together as a team. It’s super fun and relaxed but also super productive!

  • Improve your time management

    Time management is a huge part of running a business. It’s so easy sometimes to get swept up in all the day to day tasks of business, plus everything in our personal lives. I’m sure you agree it can be super overwhelming.

    One thing that helps with this is time management. More specifically, time blocking. Time blocking is something I’ve been practising for a long time, and I can tell you it really does help! Time blocking is essentially where you record how long things take you. It really is as simple as it sounds.

    When completing your day to day tasks (in and out of your business) record the start and finish times of each task. You’ll be surprised to know how long you spend on things. By doing this you’ll be able to plan out your week much more accurately and efficiently, and be able to map out where you can spend more time doing the things that bring in money, or the things you love most!

  • grow your business with a business mentor

    A business mentor can be so beneficial to you and your business. If you hadn’t guessed already, I am a business mentor myself! I’ve now opened three award-winning businesses since 2009 (Hallmark Carpets and Flooring, Serenity Loves, and JVB Mentoring), and I now use my 12+ years of experience and expertise to mentor, guide, and teach other small business owners how to grow a long-term, sustainable, and profitable business.

    When creating a business start-up in an entrepreneurial sense, a lot of business owners find themselves lost in the midst of the chaos. Whether that’s financial requirements, legal requirements, limited knowledge on how to run a business. Having a Business Mentor is essential to guiding you through everything you need in both a step-step view, and a potential projection evaluation.

    Mentors can also prevent you from making common mistakes, and provide life experience you may not have.

    Additionally, in some cases, your Mentor can become a close friend, and a key member in your network. With that being said, they can provide connections and mention your business through word-of-mouth.

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