TEN Social Media Post Ideas for Your Business

Social media is a huge part of business. In this day and age it’s the main place where businesses advertise and promote themselves, and build their presence as a brand.

Social media platforms have a lot of users, giving businesses a chance to connect with a wide and global audience. This helps companies go beyond borders, reaching potential customers on a larger scale than ever before.

But it can be hard to always think of engaging content to post, so I’ve put together a list of 10 social media posts for your business!

By incorporating a mix of these post ideas into your social media strategy, your business can maintain a dynamic and engaging online presence, fostering stronger connections with their audience and driving brand awareness.

Struggling to think of a Social Media post?

  • Share a relevant blog

    Many business owners write blogs for their businesses and put it on their website expecting people to just be able to find it and read it without prompting. This will NOT work! Whilst having a website is important for any business, people don’t necessarily look for your website when looking for you. By posting blogs on your social media pages, you have the potential to showcase what you do to all your followers and drive more traffic to your website.

  • Ask interactive questions

    Interactive social media posts are a great way to increase engagement on your accounts. The way you put your posts out there can determine the reaction they get, interactive posts are asking people directly to comment on your post. Get the conversation flowing! Everyone has an opinion, so why not ask people to share it? This will help boost engagement and create a more interactive and open community.

  • Post polls

    By having polls on your pages and groups, you can create even more interaction between you and your audience. The poll could be about anything! Try to make sure it’s relevant to your business. But again, people like to share their opinion from time to time, so it’s great to get your followers involved – especially as they’ll feel valued and as though they are helping. Your poll could be about your products and services, or maybe a debate your team is having in the office. Make sure to share the results afterwards!

  • Post a review or testimonial

    I believe that positive reviews are one of the most underrated and underused tools in most small businesses marketing strategy. Think about the last time you wanted to buy a product or try a new place for a particular service, what was the first thing that you did? Were you looking for feedback and reviews from other people about the product/service? EXACTLY!! You do this day to day yourself when shopping but you may forget that your potential clients will be doing exactly the same when considering purchasing from you. So get some out there! It gives you credibility and builds your reputation as a business.

  • Share your story and your why

    Sharing your business story in a social media post is a MUST for your business. It is really important to tell people your ‘story’, and enables potential clients and social media followers to get to know you and your business better. A lot of people love to know what they’re investing in, so allowing them to learn about the history of your business and your story will encourage them to trust you and invest in your business.

  • Include personal aspects

    Following on from telling your story, people following your page are interested in knowing about the people BEHIND the business, not just the business. By posting pictures of you and your family, you are showing clients and potential clients that you’re an actual person, not just a corporation. Remember people buy people, so for your clients to buy into you and your business, you probably need to make your business page more personable as well as professional.

  • Promote a product/service

    This can seem like an obvious one but I have worked with many businesses who do this and tend to do this wrong. They struggle to understand why they get little to no interaction from their followers on these posts. What I teach people is that there’s a difference between the features and benefits of your products and services. The features are what the product/service actually is or what it involves. Whereas the benefits include how the product/service is actually going to help the customer, and what problems they’ll solve. I see so many people not including the benefits on their sales post – don’t be this person! Also, don’t forget to include a Call To Action on these posts so your followers know what to do next.

  • Go live regularly

    Did you know that Facebook live videos are watched 3x longer than regular videos? Doing a live video shows your followers/potential clients that you are human and it shows them a real insight in what you do day to day. They get to see you, not just your posts on social media. It can be a lot more interactive than a social media post, as it allows customers and clients to ask any questions and address any concerns then and there, and get an instant answer. It boosts engagement and is very convenient for your audience!

  • Share an event

    People are nosy; they like to know what you are doing and when. They also like to see what goes on in your business when you’re not specifically ‘working’. When you share events that you have been to it shows your followers and friends that you like putting yourself out there and meeting people. This can be an event you have put on yourself or an event you are going to, either way, it’s good to show the kind of things you get up to outside of the office. Showing behind the scenes of your events is a great way to promote future ones too! It shows potential clients what they could be missing out on and encourages them to buy tickets.

  • Use daily threads

    Using daily threads like ‘Monday Motivation’ or ‘Top Tip Tuesday’ can really help with your engagement. It also helps with consistency on your social media. By doing this every week, every other week or every month, you constantly have new content being shared without having to think too much about it. It also makes your social media platforms much more fun and engaging for your audience!

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