Your Unique Business…

This past week we’ve been focusing on encouraging you to do what’s best for you and your business. You have a unique business, your approach should be too!

What I mean by this is that we’re told so much by social media that if we don’t jump on the latest trends and newest fads that we’re not going to succeed. We’re told if we don’t promote our products and services in a certain way or offer the right things that we’re not going to go very far.

But I want to stress how untrue this is. I’m a true believer that we have to do what’s right for ourselves and our businesses.

TikToks, Black Friday Deals, Memberships, Webinars… the list is endless. All the new trends and new ‘modern’ ways of doing things that are popular these days only need to be done if it’s what’s best for your business.

Yes, these days SO many people are on TikTok. A lot of people achieve success by promoting their products and services on there. But is it right for your business? Is your target audience on that platform?

Don’t get sucked into the crowd and feel pressured to do the things that will make you ‘popular’ or ‘more seen’. Because realistically, if you see these things aren’t making the biggest possible impact to your business, or attracting the right people, you’re just going to be wasting time. You’ll attract more people, but are they YOUR people?

Gone is the day where generic advice is needed. I’m ditching that, and I encourage you too as well! Why follow the crowd? It takes courage to be different. Your business is unique. When you do what’s best for your business, you will attract YOUR people, the ones who care and really want to invest in your business.

I’ve been through it myself…

When I started up this business in 2016, I did a Membership. But on reflection I realised I felt sucked into doing that because I was told that would be what’s best for me and my business. But what’s really best for me and what I enjoy most is my Mastermind.

I run Business Mastermind Groups once a month, and pride myself on creating a safe, open community for business owners. My focus is steered to giving people REAL advice, and the essential professional business knowledge that’s needed to build a long-term sustainable business.

I decided to stand out from the crowd. To do something different. I opened my salon Serenity Loves with the vision of creating a salon with an onsite creche. I had a mobile hairdresser trying to wash my hair under the kitchen sink with my 1st child hanging onto my legs. There had to be another way! So I created Serenity Loves.

I did something different, something unique, and went on to win numerous awards for the salon, one of which being The ‘Unique’ Award at the Mumpreneur Awards in 2014. It pays off! For those of you who knew of me before the rebrand, I got my name (The Unique Mumpreneur) from winning that award! Don’t just follow the crowd. If you have unique ideas, go through with them. You don’t need to be doing what everyone else is.

The ones who stand out from the crowd will really go far.

Jo Bevilacqua at the Mumpreneur Awards in 2014
Unique Selling Point Workbook

What’s your Unique Selling Point?

I know it can feel impossible to always come up with completely original ideas. Markets are so competitive and everyone’s trying to get to the top. That’s why it’s super important to have a clarity on what your business’ unique selling point is.

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll have competition. You’ll have other businesses doing a similar idea to you and trying to bring in more customers. It’s natural and something we can’t control. So there needs to be something about your business, your products or services, or even you personally that sets you apart from the competition and makes potential customers and/or clients choose you over someone else. 

The way you promote your products or services and how you engage with your community also makes a huge difference to the uniqueness of your business. If two businesses have the same idea, but market them in totally different ways, that’s what makes them stand out.

Business is personal, so the way you run your business should be totally unique to you, and should reflect your beliefs values and opinions.

This week I released my Unique Selling Point Workbook to help you all really dive deep into your brand, and solidify your USP. Once you’ve got a clear idea of what makes your business stand out from the competition, you’ll be able to tailor your business to the right audience and community. You can download your free copy here.

Tailor your products and services, tailor your designs, tailor your content and messaging to really attract YOUR people, and encourage them to engage with you and invest in your business.  

Do what’s Best for YOUR Unique Business!

This week has been all about standing out from the crowd and being unique. Going against the grain and just being a little more daring. 

(According to, as of 2021 there are 5.5 million small businesses in the UK. That’s ALOT. So you need to be doing the right things for you and your business.

TikToks not your thing? It doesn’t matter! There’s tons of other platforms where you can appeal to your target audience.

Don’t fancy getting involved in Black Friday? Then don’t! You shouldn’t feel pressured to do the latest trends or popular events because you’re told that’s your only path to success. It’s NOT true.

Do what’s best for YOU and YOUR business. Because it’s personal. Achieve success your own unique way.

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