expanding your team

When to start considering on expanding your team

Are you feeling overwhelmed, bogged down with too many plates flying at you? Are you feeling like you can’t seem to keep on top of things? Have you thought about expanding your team?



When we start to feel overwhelmed in our businesses we struggle to focus on what needs our attention, we start to lose track and concentration, to motivate ourselves in our businesses. 

As a business owner we take on so much, that we become overwhelmed, drowning in work and not finding a balance. So all of our plates come crashing at once and we start to doubt why we made the decision to become a business owner in the first place.

Juggling so my plates while being a business owner is hard. It’s finding ways to manage our workload, to overcome and take a step back from constantly working and putting in more hours than we did when we were first employed.


Focusing too much in our businesses than on our businesses


Do you feel like you have hardly any time to focus on what matters to you, on your business?

Are you spending too much time focusing in your business, than on your business?

When we focus on our businesses, it allows us to move our businesses forward. When we set time aside to focus on ideas, project planning, we are able to move our businesses forward. 

We didn’t start out our businesses to be spending all our time and energy working in our businesses. 

Do you feel like you never have enough time to work on the business opportunities that really intrigue us?

Are you saying yes, yes, yes?

It’s time to start expanding, building your team!  


Why invest in a team.


When we spend so much time working in our business, than on our business, we lose focus of our business growth of the direction we envision and accomplish the goals and dreams we first set out to become a business owner.

When we struggle to juggle so many plates, we have a hard time trying to focus and work toward getting the results we want!

For us to be able to progress in our business journey, to be able to see results in our business we need to be delegating the tasks in our business to others, to outsourcing for us to be able to grow and see growth. 


Here are four ways to consider when you are thinking about expanding your team. 




What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing can be anything from hiring an accountant to look at your figures. It could be finding a blogger who can write up a blog for you. 

When we consider outsourcing, it’s for areas that are not our strong points. If you don’t like doing the admin, or seeing to your accounts and reconciling payments, hire someone or outsource someone who does enjoy it. 


Virtual VA


What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who is hired to do administrative services for your business. They are an independent contractor. They typically work from a home office who has access to the necessary documents. 




What is a kickstarter?

A kickstart scheme is where the government covers 100% of the employment cost. For young people, 16-24 years old, who are currently claiming universal credit and are at a risk of long term unemployment.  

The kickstart scheme aims to create thousands of roles, for a six month work placement on the basis of 25 hours a week.

Funding can only be used to employ participants in new jobs. Kick-starters can’t replace existing or planned vacancies. They can’t cause existing employees, apprentices, or contractors to lose work or reduce their working hours.

All jobs supported by grant funding must provide regular work for the participants for a minimum of 25 hours a week. 

You will help participants to develop their skills and experiences to find work with you, or another employer after completing the kickstart scheme. 

You’ll get £1500 per job placement which will cover support and employment skills. 

The kickstarter scheme has only came into force last year. It has been a slow process, but I now have two kickstarters within my business and it’s an absolute game changer! 

Taking kickstarts on has been great for expanding your business.




What is an apprenticeship?

The candidates need to be 16 years or older, there isn’t an age bracket. They have to be in no other education at the time of employment starts.  

You have to give the apprentice a job role that allows them to gain knowledge and skills, by allowing them to combine their learning in a workplace environment. 

Apprenticeships last for at least a year but can last longer, depending on the role you select. 

As well as what you agree on in your contract of employment.  

I’ve used apprentices in all three of my businesses, taking them on as admin apprentices. HOET are an amazing support and have been great with setting up and getting to grips with enrolling apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are great way to start when you are thinking about expanding your team. 


Once we begin to expand our team, we can start to delegate to our team members, working with their strengths to be able to maximise time and to be able to move our businesses forward. 

Delegating is fundamental for business growth!

When we begin to delegate to the team you will no longer be juggling so many plates!

You’ll be able to focus on your business and be able to move your business forward.


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