When an Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor

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October 2018 I made a huge financial investment as well as time out of ‘normal’ life, to work on The Unique Mumpreneur (now Jo Bevilacqua) with two business mentors. I went to London for the weekend for mentoring with none other than Shaa Wasmund MBE. A multi million pound online business mentor and her business partner Matt Thomas. It was a great experience where we ploughed through lots of ideas for The Unique Mumpreneur.

One thing I have known for a while and always advise other business owners is that they are going to struggle to grow their business as quickly as they would like whilst working in it 100% of the time. Last year I knew that I was spending far too much time working in my business and not working on it. I mean it is so easy to do right? We all get sucked in to being reactive rather than proactive. Even me!

So acknowledging this I decided I needed to pay the £3000 investment for one day with Shaa in a one day VIP mastermind and one day with Matt one to one. Could I afford it at the time? Absolutely not! Did I give myself every excuse under the sun as to what else I could spend that money on? Absolutely YES!


Hand on heart it was so worthwhile.


By investing in myself and my business, knowing that I would listen, ask questions and implement everything I learnt as quickly as possible. I was confident I would make my investment back 10 fold over the following 12 months. That is exactly what I did.

Before the mentor session I had been juggling a multiple of plates. For those of you that don’t know much about me, I have three businesses and two children. I was guilty of introducing lots of different products and services in the hope that I was going to please everyone all of the time. During the mentor session they made me strip back everything thing I was doing. I was made to work out exactly what was making ME happy and what was helping me earn the money I needed to live the life I wanted with my family.

I think you will agree that we, as business owners, are always so busy trying to do EVERYTHING. We can often lose sight of the one thing we actually love doing and can do to the best of our ability. I have certainly learnt over my nine years in business that it is so important to focus on one thing and do that one thing really well. Rather than trying to do ten things half hearted.


What the mentor session involved.


The two days consisted of me working with my mentor to nail my business vision and my dream clients. As well as how to help these dream clients get the results they needed. Shaa and Matt did activities that established not only the services that were working in my business, but also the services what weren’t working. Although that was a hard pill to swallow, it was also the most beneficial. It ensured that moving forward, I would only concentrate on the services that were going to get the best results for my clients. Equally I spent most of my time doing the services I loved the most, mastermind and one to one mentoring.

It moved me from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to clear, focused and ready to move my business to new heights. I know that if I had done these activities on my own, I still wouldn’t have come up with the answers I did. It was with the feedback of others in the room that I was able to come up with the answers.


Do you feel like you are stuck? Do you feel like you should be doing something else but do not know what? What is stopping you from moving forward?


Do you agree that as business owners (especially female business owners), we always put ourselves last on the very, very long list? Although we think this is the right thing to do, I would say the opposite. I believe it is unhealthy to do so. How can you expect to look after others if you can’t allow time to look after yourself and you are running on empty.

I am always reminded of this when I go on holiday, during the safety announcements on the aeroplane. They always tell us that in the case of an emergency you need to put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

I would encourage you to write your priorities list out and see where you are on that list. From experience I would hazard a guess that you are more than likely at the bottom.

Now rewrite the list of where you want your priorities to be, where you are in that list and how you are going to reach this new priorities list.

From there ask yourself, what are you going to say yes to more? What are you going to say no to and what help are you going to ask for?


Asking for help.


Do you really want to get SH*T done in your business but struggling to do it all on your own? Then you need to be honest with yourself and ask for help. I do not know one successful business owner that has got where they are on their own. It is ok to ask for help!!

When we work in our business all the time it is really hard to see the wood for the trees. Therefore, we can miss opportunities that would make your business run better, smoother or increase profitability.

Working on your business with a business mentor will allow you to have laser sharp focus. This may mean increasing your income, feeling supported. Along with making your business work for you so that you have more time to do what you want when you want with whom you want. I mean isn’t that why we all started our businesses in the first place?

I would love to help you achieve all of the above and help you build a business you love. A business that truly gives you the life you crave with your family and move you from feeling stuck and unmotivated to focused and motivated. If you are interested in having a no obligation conversation regarding how I can help you please get in touch with me today.


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