Organise when shit hits the fan

What to do When Sh*t Hits the Fan in your Business…

What should you do when shit hits the fan in your business?

I know more than anyone that not everything goes to plan. We’re not in control of everything, and no matter how much we anticipate and plan; things are still going to go wrong! So I’ve made a new way to remember exactly what to do when shit hits the fan in your business. Think SODAS.

  • Stay calm

When you’re stressed, or feeling anxious, all rational thoughts and feelings tend to fly right out the window. It’s part of our fight or flight response! So as soon as something goes wrong or you start to panic, your mind begins to catastrophize. It tends to come up with the worst possible scenario. This for the most part is a completely unrealistic scenario! It’s important we recognise this and manage to keep a cool head so we can fix the situation!

Our fight or flight response is helpful in a lot of situations, we wouldn’t get by without it! It lets you know when you may be in trouble. But often it can come about when it doesn’t need to. So learning to realise this and control it is something that will definitely help you in keeping your cool and solving problems efficiently.

  • Organise

Consider what needs to be done and what actions you need to take in order to fix the solution as resourcefully as possible. Make a list of everything that needs to be done. This may be just on paper or sticky notes, or you could even use a task managing programme such as ‘Asana’ which is what we use in the office!

If you don’t list down everything that needs to be done its going to make it much more difficult to keep a clear head and think realistically. Having an organised and structured list is going to ensure you cover everything you need to do and help you and your team updated.

Or take a look at my shop to see the wall planners I offer so you can keep your workload organised.

  • Delegate

Don’t take on the entire workload by yourself. You’ve got a team for a reason! Delegate the tasks that need to be done. It’s important to remember not to just throw out tasks to random people. Each individual has their own unique skill set. So assign the tasks to the appropriate people who can optimize their skills and do the best possible job to complete the task.

Assigning the right task to the appropriate team member is key to ensuring that each task gets done efficiently and thoroughly. It often increases motivation to give your team responsibility too, as they know they’re making a direct difference within the company, and towards solving the problem.

  • Act as a team

Support each other! Whilst delegating the appropriate tasks, it’s important to make sure everyone has the right support when they need it. Work together to ensure everyone is getting the assistance they need, if any.

Having a small meeting to discuss the problem and get different perspectives is a great way to boost morale. It creates a closer knit bond between the team. Having multiple perspectives on a situation can only be good. Allow everyone to share their opinions and ideas, and respect what everyone has to say to solve the problem together.

  • Solve

Solve the problem! Hopefully after taking these steps you’ve been able to come up with a viable solution that’s going to solve the problem and benefit the company. Depending on how severe the situation, it could take a little while. But following these steps should hopefully speed up the process for you and help you and your team keep a clear head!

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