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What is a Business Mentor, and why do I need one?

What is a Business Mentor?

A Business Mentor  is an experienced professional in your field, who can provide you with valuable assistance, and guidance, into running your business. They assist you in achieving your long-term personal, and business goals, guiding you through the steps to achieving different milestones. Such milestones may be with regards to your finance, sales, scalability, mindset or business expansion.

It may be that your Business Mentor will also aid in boosting morale, confidence and self-esteem. Encouraging you to take steps for yourself, but in a constructive and structured progression.

How does Business Mentoring work?

Business mentoring is what you agree between yourself and your Mentor. Mentoring can be formal and arranged into distinct meeting times, with a structured program. Or it can be informal, where you can talk with your mentor regularly and in a casual sense.

Your Mentor should always be encouraging to create progression in your business. This will initially begin through gathering information on your business. Such information may be what you offer, your brand values, current financial situation. In addition to this the Mentor will also ask where you would like the business to go in long, or short, term progression.

A Mentor will have strong communication and listening skills, being able to understand your situation and provide specific advice moving forwards. With that being said, they may also take the role as critic or consultant to your business decisions, providing the voice of reason, or a second opinion.

Why Is it important to have a Mentor?

When creating a business start-up in an entrepreneurial sense, a lot of business owners find themselves lost in the midst of the chaos. Whether that’s financial requirements, legal requirements, limited knowledge on how to run a business.

Having a Business Mentor is essential to guiding you through everything you need in both a step-step view, and a potential projection evaluation. This doesn’t mean that Mentors are qualified financially or legally, but they can point you in the right direction of professionals who can help you. Mentors can also prevent you from making common mistakes, and provide life experience you may not have.

Additionally, in some cases, your Mentor can become a close friend, and a key member in your network. With that being said, they can provide connections and mention your business through word-of-mouth. Therefore, there is often substantial ROI on investing in a Business Mentor, not with just the advice and guidance they provide!


How do I find a Mentor?

This depends on the style of mentoring that you would like. Often mentoring can originate from networking, and connecting with like-minded people who have been in your position before. In that sense, it could be a close acquaintance that you meet through your business, who is willing to provide you with the guidance you need to direct you in the right direction.

Alternatively, it may be approaching business coaches, who specialise in your realm, and acquire their services to help you progress in the future, and generate a ROI for their services.

How I can help you!

I’m Jo Bevilacqua, I’m a multi-business owner, both online and brick and mortar. I would love to share the wins, losses and techniques. My experience comes from running my three businesses, and prevent you from making the same mistakes I made, saving you a lot of time, and money!

I believe it’s in my life’s mission to help support business owners grow their business to be more profitable and productive than ever before! I have previously been a multi award winning entrepreneur, who knows exactly what it takes to succeed, more importantly make you succeed!

My approach isn’t just about directing you towards successful business, but also a successful life. Giving yourself boundaries, and making the business you own, worth having!

By having a one-one session with me, we will help you concentrate on the specific challenges you face in your business and personal life. We will examine what it is that is holding you back, and what you can improve!

There you have it!

I hope this provides you with more clarity on what a Business Mentor is, and just how game-changing it can be to utilise one as a personal investment! Contact me today, I would love to hear from you, and you can get in contact with me through my website. I cannot wait to meet you and see you succeed!

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