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We Need to Embrace Technology

Why you should embrace technology in your business…

I’m a firm believer that nothing is better than a pen and paper. But as technology progresses, we have to as well! It’s already progressed so much over recent years, for example, we now have face ID on phones, and there’s even things like smart fridges now! There are so many benefits to embracing technology, especially within your business. But firstly, let’s look at what it actually means to embrace technology, and digitize your business…

What does it mean to digitize your business?

Digitizing your business is essentially moving all of your information into a digital form, on computers and other devices like tablets etc, where everything can be stored and transferred. In simple terms, it’s pretty much using electronic devices and online programmes throughout your business. For example, we use a website called ‘Asana’ in the office. It’s a programme that allows you to organize your workload and delegate tasks. It’s proven much more efficient!

Think about it, you’ve got computers in your office right? That was a change, an advance in technology. Imagine if you didn’t have that? Imagine all the work you had to do was handwritten, and there was a ton of files everywhere. How different would that be? It would take up SO much time. That’s why it’s so important to embrace the change. But we have to wonder why some people are so reluctant to do so.

Why are people reluctant to embrace technology?

  1. They’re scared of change

If you’ve been in business for a long time, or any industry for that matter, it’s natural to fall into a routine. Especially with your work processes and tools you use in the workplace. So, people may be scared of the change. This is completely natural. Once in a routine, your body and mind get used to the same thing, so it can be quite daunting to start doing something completely new, especially if you’re not familiar with technology.

  1. They may wonder about potential repercussions

Someone may worry about potential repercussions of technology. When I say repercussions, I’m talking about the reliability. If systems or computers go down, it can be stressful, especially on a busy day. It may disrupt the work process and slow you down. The reality is that this is inevitable. As amazing as technology is, it’s not always the most reliable. This is why having back-ups in place and contacts who know about tech is key! But each time something goes wrong, learn about it, and you’ll know for next time.

  1. They may be worried about the security of their job role

Others may be worried about the security of their job, and what the future may hold for them. That’s fair enough; there are some jobs that as technology advances may be taken over. That can be quite intimidating, especially since we don’t know exactly when this could happen. It could be hundreds of years, or it could be next year, we don’t know! This is why it’s best to simply embrace it.

  1. They’re unaware of how technology can benefit them

Some people may not be completely aware of how technology can benefit them and their business. Truthfully, there are so many benefits of embracing tech, and digitizing your business. That’s why I’ve written this blog! Read on to learn about the benefits of technology…

Why we should embrace technology…

Technology is constantly progressing, and fast. You never know what the next invention or advancement is going to be, it’s unpredictable! But the reality is, there’s no stopping it. Technology is always going to be moving forward and surprising us day by day. So, we may as well embrace it! Use it to your advantage.

Technology makes everything much more efficient, not only within the workplace and in business, but in everyday life as well. We have phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s… everything.

It makes the workplace much more productive. If you remember, earlier I mentioned a programme called ‘Asana’ that we use. It’s a great tool for assigning the workload to different people and having everything under lists that you can quickly refer back to. There’s no rummaging through paperwork or anything like that. It’s a great time saver, as you can view it in seconds.

Like I said, technology can be intimidating at times, but replacing normal workflow procedures with something technological is so much faster, efficient, and easy to organize. Using shared accounts online makes everything so much more accessible to your staff. If everyone has access, it much easier for everyone to quickly log in and find exactly what they need.

At the end of the day, we can’t control how technology advances, or how fast it does. But there are so many benefits to embracing it, just like we would anything else.

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