Creating a Vision Board for 2022

Creating a vision board…

As we come into the second week of 2022, I want to reiterate the importance of goal setting. There’s a lot of different ways to set out and plan your goals, but a really creative way to do so is by creating a vision board.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is essentially a creative process that helps you set clear intentions and goals for what you want in life. It’s a really great way to gain clarity on exactly what you want and help you envision it.

The idea is to create a visual guide to what you want to achieve.

The vision board should include all the different things that you are aiming to achieve within things like health, wealth, fitness, money, relationships and whatever else your goals may relate to.

How can a vision board benefit you?

A vision board is super beneficial. Some of the benefits include;

  • It helps you to visualise your goals. If you can see your dream life in paper in front of you, it’s going to help you stay motivated and determined.
  • It’s creative! Vision boards are so much fun to create. You have total creative freedom and can design it however you like.
  • Vision boards keep you focused. The more you visualise your goals, the more focused you will become. You’ll be able to create a clear pathway and set small actionable steps to achieve success.

How to make one…

The great thing about vision boards is that you can do them however works best for you. I always recommend doing it on paper, that way its much more physical. Just get a piece of A3, print out pictures and quotes that resonate with you and get sticking! A while back a huge group of us got together for a whole day and created our own vision boards so we felt clear and confident about our goals.

I’d recommend laying out all your photos and playing around with different arrangements to see which you prefer.

If you’d prefer you can also create your vision board digitally on programmes such as Word, PowerPoint, or Canva

Before you create your board, try to gauge an idea of where you want to be and what you want to achieve. Get a list together and then find some photos that represent your goals.

Your vision board should include all aspects of your life. It should represent all of your key goals, whether personal or professional. 

Personally I have a board that I look back on every couple of years. It’s important to go back to them and reflect, and make any changes, because naturally priorities and goals change over time!

Once you’ve completed you vision board, make sure you keep it in a place you’ll look at regularly to remind yourself of your goals and keep you motivated!

If you’re not one to make a vision board…

If this isn’t really your thing, my Goal Setting Handbook may work better for you!

It covers everything from making sure your goals are realistic, to breaking them down into small, actionable steps so that you can achieve your dreams in a way that you’re comfortable with!

Success in business is different for everyone based on what your goals may be. Writing your goals down is the most important part! It will help you keep track of what you’re trying to achieve and you can refer back to it anytime you need some inspiration.

The handbook is free to download, you can get your copy here.

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