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Tips to Keep Up a Productive Workplace…

Tips to keep up a productive workplace…

As rewarding as having your own business is, there are a few things that you may struggle with, especially if you’re new on the business scene. One of these is managing to keep up a productive workplace. Keeping up everyone’s morale isn’t always easy, especially if times are tough! So I’ve made a list of a few tips you can put into place that may help you keep up productivity levels in your workplace.

  1. Give praise where appropriate, as well as constructive feedback

Making sure your employees know when they’re doing well is so important; it reassures them that they’re doing a good job, which will definitely keep them motivated. A lot of people often doubt themselves, so they will really appreciate hearing that they’re doing well. Not only is praise helpful, constructive feedback can be just as helpful. If someone’s dong something wrong, rather than just telling them they’re making a mistake, help them figure out how to fix it! Then they know for next time, this can be just as useful as giving praise to your employees.

  1. Offer employment perks where you can

Employment benefits are a really great way of keeping your team motivated, and they don’t all have to be money related! Some perks include performance bonuses, so if your team are hitting specific goals, reward them! Flexitime hours, if it’s appropriate to your business, letting your employees essentially choose their own hours and their breaks can really help with moral. Retirement plans/pension schemes are also a good benefit for your employees; it can help them feel much more secure in their job role. Other perks include holiday bonuses or sick pay!

  1. Keep the workplace clean, tidy, and organised

Having a clean and organised work place will do wonders for you and your employees! Trust me, tidy space, tidy mind! Clutter and mess can take a toll on some people. This will affect their work, even if they don’t realise it! This isn’t to say that you should be doing all the cleaning yourself, but a good idea is to make a rota of who gets what duties throughout each week, that’s what we do in my office! It means everyone can work in a clean space, whilst being equally fair with who does what. No one wants to work in a messy space!

  1. Music – where/when appropriate

This one isn’t necessarily for everyone, as a lot of workplaces aren’t really the right environment for music, for example if you’re working in a call centre, or maybe you and your employees just work better without it! My team and I usually have some kind of music playing and it definitely does help! I would recommend this if it’s possible for you.  For a lot of people music makes them feel happy, and boosts their mood. This in turn is more likely to boost productivity as well! But like I say, it doesn’t have to be for everyone, as it’s also dependant on your personality, and your preferred working conditions.                        

  1. Always be honest with your employees

Honesty with your employees – potentially the most important way to keep up a productive workplace! Being honest is going to help build trustworthy relationships between you and your employees. This leads to increased productivity, as they feel comfortable with you. They’ll want to make sure they’re doing their work to the highest standard. Being honest includes keeping them up to date with any changes being made or even just being honest if something’s not going quite as planned! If your employees feel you’re keeping important things from them, they’re less likely to build up a trust-worthy relationship with you. They’ll feel valued if they’re in the loop of new launches, changes and issues that need resolving. Check out my blog on the importance of honesty in business to learn more.


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