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Tips to Become Memorable in Business…

Becoming memorable in business…

As a businesswoman with a ton of experience, I’ve been through the start-up process of a business three times now. I know how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to build your brand and become memorable in business, but nothing seems to be taking off how you’d like it to. It can be especially frustrating when you know you’re nearly there, but there are a couple of things you can’t quite pinpoint that would just really help your business take off, and get your brand well known.

Once you’ve got yourself off the ground, the next part is making sure you’re memorable. Ensure that your brand is going to stick in peoples mind so they think of you in the future. This can be just as hard, but as long as you have a strong foundation and have finalized all the fundamentals, you should be there in no time. So I’ve put together a list of my top tips to help increase your brand awareness and engagement with your audience!

  1. Make sure you have a unique brand image

Having a unique brand image is arguably the most important on this list. It’s a basic fundamental that your business is unique and stands out from your competitors. So consider the message that your brand is trying to give out to its audience, the services or products it offers, and how you’re going to be emitting these things to your target audience.

Think about the logo for your brand. Does it match the message you’re trying to give? Is it relevant to what your company does? Does it actually make sense? You must consider all these things in order to create a logo that is distinctive and easily recogniasable. Keep it simple! A logo doesn’t have to be flying colours and massively complicated. It’s something that people need to understand easily that they can then associate with your brand. So if it’s too complicated or someone can’t figure out what it is, it’s going to be much harder for them to associate it if they don’t actually understand it in the first place.

Your brands image doesn’t necessarily mean just your logo, it’s also about the way your brand represents itself online, the content you produce, and how you engage with your audience. It’s all important to becoming memorable in business. 

  1. Have a memorable slogan

Having a memorable slogan is essential, it’s another way for clients and consumers to be able to remember your brand and associate it with your company. It must be catchy! Keep it short and sweet. Make sure that your slogan is relative to your brand and what you actually offer!

Look at slogans like a really catchy song, it sticks in your head, and you may often find yourself singing it to yourself! Well a slogan has to be just like that. Make it clever and interesting; and make good use of grammar techniques such as alliteration (e.g. ‘Best in Business’), or rule of three (e.g. work hard, think smart, stay real). 

  1. Upload content consistently

CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Although it’s incredibly important to make sure your content is relevant, creative, and engaging, most of that means nearly nothing if you’re not uploading consistently, and feeding your audience the content they’re looking for. This doesn’t have to be every single day, but it is dependent on what kind of business you have. Some businesses will require more regular posting, like every day or every other day. But certain businesses may only need to post once a week!

It’s also dependent on the kind of content you’re uploading. For example, if you’re thinking about Instagram posts, every other day would be a great place to start. But if we’re talking more about blog posts on your website, maybe once or twice a week! But if you end up leaving too much time between your content uploads, clients and followers will get bored and think you’re inactive, which obviously is going to be damaging to your brand.

  1. Engage with your audience

Social media is the best way to engage with your audience and keep in contact. Not only just through posting regular content and responding to comments on your posts. But you can consider posting on your Instagram story for example, and including polls and questionnaires! The important part is making sure you’re actually responding to the replies that you get to your stories.

For example, if you post an Instagram story and include ‘Questions’ make sure you respond! People are asking you questions for a reason, and if you don’t respond they’re likely going to think that you’ve not actually read any of them. The same goes for Instagram polls; you can repost the results on your story and discuss them with your followers! Staying active and engaging with your audience is going to help increase your brand awareness and keep your followers wanting more!

  1. Start guest posting on other companies websites

Guest posting is a great way to get your brands name out on external websites. There are tons of websites who accept guest bloggers to write on their page, as it benefits both parties. Most websites all have different guidelines to what they accept and what they don’t. So make sure you pick some that right for you! Guest posting steers away slightly from social media, so as important as that is, guest posting is another good way to increase your audience, as if people read your blog on someone else’s website, they’re likely going to be interested in what your brand does, and what other content you have! This is ultimately going to get you more clicks on your website which will further increase your brand awareness.

Stay tuned to our website, as we will soon be accepting guest bloggers too!

  1. Be honest and stay grounded

Being honest with your audience is imperative. It’s going to help them trust you, which in turn will ensure they trust the products or services that you’re offering. This doesn’t just apply to online engagement, but in person too! If your clients see you as trustworthy, there’s a higher chance of repeat purchase, which of course is exactly what you want! The better the impression they have on you the more likely they will be to recommend you to a friend too.

Ensure that you stay grounded too. People don’t want to work with or buy from someone who’s got their head in the clouds and has turned their back on reality. They want someone who’s genuine, and who is in their business for the right reasons! A good way to stay grounded is to regularly remind yourself of the things that you’re grateful for in life, and appreciate the journey you’ve been on.

I spoke more about the importance of honesty in my last blog! You can read that here.

  1. Hold events to bring in clients

Holding events is a great way to stay engaged with your clients, and bring in new ones too! Make sure the event you’re holding actually has purpose, and benefits both parties. Additionally, if you’re going to hold an event for your audience, make sure you plan thoroughly! Of course, you can’t plan for absolutely everything, but plan the ‘controllables’. Promotion is key; ensure you’re getting the word out about your event as much as possible. This may be through social media, advertisement spaces, emails, banners, leaflets, and general word of mouth! Holding events shows you’re listening to what your audience wants, and that you’re eager to engage with them.

So as you can see there’s so many different ways you can boost awareness of your brand and get your name out there in your industry. You may already know some of these, but hopefully there’s something here that’s helpful to you!


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