The Value of Support in Business…

The value of support in business…

Support in business is absolutely essential, it’s something we all need. No matter how much you think you can get through life as a ‘lone wolf’, at one point or another, we all need someone. Not only in our personal lives, but in our professional lives too.  Running a business is hard enough, so why try and do it all on your own?

Maybe you feel as though your ideas or goals are going to be judged by those around you. Or maybe you feel others opinions are going to pull you away from your aspirations. But to be honest with you, as long as you have YOUR people surrounding you, this won’t happen. YOUR people are the ones who think not always the same as you, but respect your opinions and thoughts. They’re the people who support you through the good, bad, and ugly. So surround yourselves with these people.

As much as alone time is important, you have to pick your time. Truthfully, anything will be easier with at least one person by your side, especially when you’re building a business.

There are so many benefits to having a support network around you…

Firstly if you have support in business, you’ve always got someone to talk to. About your personal life, and your business too. If you’re trying to overcome barriers, you’re going to need to vent at some point. You need to allow people to give you their opinions and ideas. Embrace new perspectives.

A diverse team/support group will benefit you and your business so much. New ideas and perspectives allows for personal and professional growth. Accept ideas, even if you’re not going to go with that specific one, respect them. Just as they’d respect the fact that you might not necessarily take their advice.

Having a support group around you is going to ensure that you’re held accountable at ALL times. Yes, ideas are great, and we have to embrace brand new ways, and embrace change. But honestly, it means nothing if you’re not implementing your ideas, and TAKING ACTION! With a support group behind you, they’ll be able to make sure you’re sticking to your word and holding you accountable, to make sure you’re really making the changes you need to achieve your goals.

Don’t do it all alone…

If you’re doing it all alone, you’re going to feel very isolated, which at the end of the day is not going to be good for your motivation or for your productivity. If you’ve got a strong network behind you, no matter how big or small, they’re going to keep your moral high. The better you feel, the more work you’re going to be able to get done, and to a higher standard. Having that group behind you is going to make sure you’ve always got someone to talk to, and to celebrate your successes with! It doesn’t take anything away from you, and the hard work you’ve done, to accept that the support network behind you has definitely had an impact on your work. So, appreciate them and celebrate your successes together.

Simply, you’re going to be able to get a great deal of advice. Especially if you surround yourself with like-minded people, in business too! Like I mentioned earlier, you can get new ideas and new perspectives. So if you have a strong network of business people from different industries with you throughout the process, you’ll be able to get strong, balanced, and tailored advice on what the best decisions are for you and your business.

Not only do you get reward by having a supportive group with you, but you will also get to return the favour. Give your business peers advice and help on their businesses too. It’s just as rewarding knowing your really helping someone, than actually getting the advice yourself! Like I said, building a business is not on easy process anyway, let alone if you’re trying to do it by yourself! Become part of a supportive network.

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