The Importance of Resilience in Business.

Owning your own business can be so rewarding but it can also be hard work, and it can also be stressful which is why resilience in business is such an important skill to have and build upon.

Many people when asked do not think they are resilient or they wish they could be more resilient in their business. So here are a few things to think about when trying to build your own resilience in business.

  • Purpose

Figuring out your purpose in business is essential. If you have a clear vision, and know what you want, it’s much easier to stay focused when shit hits the fan! If you’ve mapped out your goals you’ll be able to come up with a much more rational solution than if you were just completely winging it with no real direction. 

  • Mentality

You’re a survivor, not a victim. Being a survivor is going to drive you to keep striving for the best! As a survivor, you’re strong, and courageous! You can use this to your advantage. It’s so important to be optimistic about the future, and the future for your business, but also remembering to be realistic and strive for things that can actually be achieved. 

  • Confidence

I believe that confidence is everything. Being confident in your own abilities, and in what you and your business can do for others! How it can change lives. Confidence is different for everyone, and building it is a process, but act confident, even if you don’t really feel it! You will start to see a difference over time.

  • Support group/system

However much you think you can do this all alone; you are going to need support along the way. Surround yourself with people going through the same journey, and never be afraid to ask for help! The difference between those with similar support around them compared to people who try to do it alone is staggering. Support is essential whether it’s from your friends, family, or one of my Mastermind groups!

  • Plan, but be flexible

Planning is key, but so is being flexible! Doing both is possible. You can’t control everything, so as I say, plan for the controllables! Being flexible doesn’t necessarily mean being available ALL the time, but it also means being open minded. More often than not your overall result is going to turn out nothing like you planned, but its all part of the process. Allowing your plans to change and adapting to new situations when needed is an important part of progression.

  • Make decisions 

Indecision is a decision! Decision making can be hard, but whilst you’re sat worrying if you’re making the right judgment, you’re choosing not to choose! Make a decision, if it’s wrong, you make another. Either way, its going to turn out much more productive than if you just decided to do nothing. 

  • Accept that you’ll make mistakes

This one’s important. Accept that you’ll make mistakes! It’s so easy to beat ourselves up if we do something wrong, or if something doesn’t turn out as planned. But what you need to realise is that making mistakes is completely natural No one is perfect! You learn just as much from a mistake than from success. Avoiding mistakes is impossible, but being able to accept them is what makes you resilient.

So why is resilience in business actually so important?

The message that I really want to get across to you is that building a business is not always fun and games; it’s not six-figure success over night! But to put it simply, resilience is being able to defeat your demons, overcome your doubts, and push yourself through to the other side!

Being resilient isn’t necessarily something someone just is or isn’t. Like everything else, becoming resilient in business is a process! You never stop growing and there is ALWAYS more to learn.

Like I said, owning your own business isn’t easy, and you will have times where you just want to give up, but putting all of these skills into practice to build your resilience is what’s going to get you through.

Having a clear purpose and knowing what you want will make it much easier for you to envision where you’re going to be and what you’re going to achieve, which is ultimately going to help you stay motivated, and build that resilience! 

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