The Business Level Quiz

The Business Level Quiz

Discover where you are on your business journey and how you can transform to the next level!

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What level of business are you working at?

Are you struggling to find clarity on where you stand within your business? Not sure what your next moves should be moving forward? I hear you – it’s been pretty chaotic over the last couple of years.

But no fear! I’ve created the perfect quiz for you to find out exactly where you are on your business journey.

The Business Level Quiz has been designed using my Signature Trademark System and Six Pillar Core Principles – The 6Ds:


‘Decide’ is Level 1.

You’ve just begun your business journey. You’re doing what you love for a living! It’s the time to make some important business decisions so you can make some good progress.


‘Define’ is Level 2.

You’re gradually moving along on your business journey. It’s time to really define your brand. You may be doing absolutely everything at this point – the overwhelm is real!


‘Do’ is Level 3.

You’re nearly halfway to the top, now is the time to start building your team and utilising their skills so you have more time to work ON your business, rather than in it, to do more of what you love.


‘Delegate’ is Level 4.

At this point, you’re working more ON your business and delegating the things you don’t enjoy to your team. You’re working smarter and are full speed ahead on your business journey.


‘Dominate’ is Level 5.

Here, you’re stepping away from the day to day runnings of your business. You’re dominating your industry and have more time and money to do the things that make you happy!


‘Diversify’ is Level 6.

You’re at the top, but business is a circular journey – there’s always new things to learn. Now is the time to diversify your business and introduce some new and exciting plans!

Why not invest just two minutes of your time to gain detailed insights into your business that will give you the clarity you’re craving? 

Once completed, we’ll email you a detailed booklet analysing your current level of business, as well as how you can transform your business to the next level alongside your Business Avatar.

Who are our Business Avatars?

Indecisive Izzy / Ian

As Indecisive Izzy/Ian, you’re at Level 1 of 6; ‘Decide’.

You’re known as the ‘Undecider’.

Hectic Hettie / Harry

As Hectic Hettie/Harry, you’re at level 2 of 6 – ‘Define’.

‘Busy’ should be your middle name!

Manic Mandy / Manny

As Manic Mandy/Manny, you’re at level 3 of 6 – ‘Do’.

You’re known as the BOSS. 

Resilient Rachel / Ryan

As Resilient Rachel/Ryan, you’re at level 4 of 6 – ‘Delegate’.

You’re the delegation master!

Sammie Stocks

As Sammie Stocks, you’re at level 5 of 6 – ‘Dominate’.

You’re very resourceful, and all about capital.

Driven Dani Female
Driven Dani Male

Driven Dani

As Driven Dani, you’re at level 6 of 6 – ‘Diversify’.

You’re a roaring success!

Which avatar will you get?

Take the quiz to find out!

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