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I have known Jo for a number of years now and I respect her as a business woman. One of the things I admire is her clear vision for her businesses and where she wants to take them. I was fortunate enough to be invited to join her Mastermind group. This has honestly be a revelation in helping me get vision and direction for both me and my business. The support, advice and knowledge from Jo and the other women in the group has been invaluable in helping me move my business forward. In conjunction to the Mastermind Jo has enhanced her offering to other business women looking for support by launching her networking events.. This is another great platform for like-minded business women to get together network, share advice & knowledge, offer support and of course generate business for each other. I see Jo (as many others do) as a Mentor, Coach, Business Woman, Mum & Friend and I would highly recommend any ladies out there looking for help, support, inspiration, advice to go straight to Jo!

Tracey Yearwood

What a wonderful networking group!!! I went to my first event which was a mastermind special. I did wonder what it was going to be like! It meant sharing a business problem and I was a little wary of giving away the game so to speak!
I went with a friend but she was on a different table as the problems we shared before the meeting were very different and we were organised by category meaning there was a specialist business owner leading the table – a ‘mastermind’ that could help. I needn’t have worried about being on my own! We talked over food to begin with (great ice breaker) swapped cards and got stuck in. I got sooooo much feedback I have a to do list to keep me going for a bit! I like to think I’m quite knowledgeable but sometimes I need someone to say come on, if you want results, you need to do this! It was interesting to hear what other business owners had to say. They are my target market afterall so it’s the best market research you can do but in a really relaxed and honest way. I really look forward to seeing their businesses grow and met some lovely ladies who I hope I’ll see again.

Sam Milburn

I have known Jo for many years and it's been great to watch her grow in her career and continue to be a success. Jo was fantastic for me, she opened up my mind and also gave me some great idea's that I use daily, which have had a really positive impact on ALH Recruitment. Jo is an excellent motivator, you can just see how passionate she is about her career and helping others. I would highly recommend her for any business owner who is looking for any advice, motivation or looking to take that next step.

Andy Lodge[www.alhrecruitment.co.uk]

Jo is a trailblazer, not a follower. I don’t say this lightly because truthfully, it can sound a little obnoxious. Trailblazing isn’t just about inventing a new phone or must have product, it’s also about finding ways that you can truly best serve your community and clients. Jo consistently puts people before profit and in doing so has built a super profitable community based business.

Shaa Wasmund MBE[www.Shaa.com] International best-selling author and entrepreneur.

Jo is not only epic at business but she is an epic, real, beautiful human who serves from her heart with honesty and integrity and I am so blessed to have her in my life! I would highly recommend anyone looking for help to connect with Jo. Her experience and knowledge is incredible - but she's also the most amazing person and will serve you with love and compassion. She really does care about YOU and your business!❤

Diana NashAlternative & Holistic Health Service

Thinking about working with Jo or joining Mastermind but you're undecided? I'm happy to have a chat and try to convince you! I've worked with Jo over the last 3 years on my business and it's now thriving! I love the support and accountability my girls give me. They're there for the wins and the struggles and I honestly couldn't be without the group. Could you really afford not to?

Natalie BranniganThe Little Marketing Company

Jo is a winner for me, not just because she was a fantastic winner of the Small Business of the Year award at The Small Awards 2018, but because of all the characteristics we recognised in her then and now. She creates a workplace that fosters skills, ambition and happiness; she steps up repeatedly to share her expertise with others; and she is driven to empower other entrepreneurs, particularly women, who need that Bevilacqua magic, which she bestows so willingly. It is a pleasure and an honour to know and work with Jo and I know she is only going to go onto greater things.

Michelle Ovens MBEwww.smallbusinessbritain.uk

The motivation this group and these meetings give me is massive.
I fumble along in the business world always striving for more and not knowing where to turn. These meetings and people keep me realising it’s all out there and where to look.
Sometimes the most simple matter is staring you in the face and I go to a meeting and finally see that simple matter and think why didn’t I already do that!
I can’t wait to see the progress year by year month to month from spending a few hours with influential people! I recommend this to everyone I know who would be interested.

Charlie Darlow

I love being a part of this amazing community! Having spent many years in Corporate Sales, I wasn't a stranger to networking events but always found them to be a bit of a 'boys club' and, to be honest, pretty 'stuffy'.
Jo has managed to create the exact opposite of this with Jo Bevilacqua Mentoring. A group of authentic, uplifting & empowering women all genuinely keen to build each other up not only in business but personally too.
I look forward to the event every month and feel I am building a great & varied network as a result. I would highly recommend any woman in business or even contemplating starting a business to attend. You will not regret it!

Lauren ConaghanFaces Permanent Cosmetics

Before I met with Jo I was really struggling with my business and was about ready to give up, I didn't know where it was all heading or even where I wanted to be in my business! I am now a part of Jo's monthly mastermind group and what can I say about that but WOW!! Within 6 months of joining my business has taken off massively, we have exceeded all of our income targets as well as other targets, we have also made new exciting goals for the future, that one day every month gives me focus for my business as like everyone I get bogged down with the day to day running.
Anyone who is thinking of joining DO ITTTTT! You and your business will thank you for it!

Laura Hopkins[www.elegantdesigneventsltd.co.uk]

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