Six Steps EVERY Entrepreneur Needs!


EVERY Entrepreneur needs

to Grow a Successful, Profitable Business


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The truth is, anyone can start a business, that’s the easy part. But the hard part is running and growing a business that is successful, profitable and lasts long term.

In my experience as a business owner of three businesses in three different industries, I know that no matter what, ALL businesses need to work on the same six fundamentals that ensure you are building a strong, stable and successful business.

Without strong foundations, the correct education, and the right guidance it can be easy for a business to fail and can result in the business owner feeling out of control. I want to change that.

I want to help entrepreneurs like you build a successful business that works for you and everything you are capable of achieving.

You CAN build a strong, profitable business and I am here to help you do it.

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Grab yourself a cuppa, a notepad and pen!

I’ll reveal the six steps that EVERY entrepreneur needs to take to grow a successful and profitable business for the long run.

I’ll be using my experience of starting, growing, and scaling three businesses (two of which have been running over 10 years!) to share with you the essential fundamentals that you NEED to have in place in order to grow a business that lasts long term.

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I take pride in using my business experience to mentor, teach, support, and guide small business owners through their business journeys to achieve real results. Take it from me, I’ve been in business for 13 years now, after starting my first of three back in 2009.

I opened my very first business Hallmark Carpets and Flooring with my husband 13 years ago, and to this day it’s still thriving. After I was able to step away from that business, I decided to do something for myself and launched my second business Serenity Loves (a salon with an onsite creche) in 2012, which has just reached its 10th birthday!  

Finally, I opened my third business, Jo Bevilacqua Mentoring (previously The Unique Mumpreneur) in 2016, where I turned my true passion of helping others and making a difference into a profitable business that lasts long-term.   

I’ve been through it all! This is why I’m 100% confident that I can provide you with elite business knowledge and education that will push your business forward, and help you create a scalable and profitable business for the long run.  

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