No Longer Last on the List


If you found us here, that means you’ve purchased my book ‘No Longer Last On The List’

Whether you’re just starting the book, half way through or at the end, I hope you find the book and activities thought-provoking, insightful and even transformative.

I spent so much time over the last 6 months to make this as beneficial to you as possible. I would LOVE to know your thoughts on the book!

Before you download, I just want to say a HUGE thank you for purchasing and reading my book!

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About the author

Jo Bevilacqua is the multi-award-winning founder of Hallmark Carpets and Flooring, Serenity Loves (a beauty salon with on-site crèche) and Jo Bevilacqua Mentoring (formerly The Unique Mumpreneur). Jo has made such a success of her businesses. She has been invited to the House of Lords and Buckingham Palace for the impact her businesses make on her local community. She always puts people over profits which is why she has grown three strong brands that employees love to work for and clients love to be a part of.

Day to day, Jo works with business owners to help them grow profitable and productive businesses. She also knows how important it is to work towards a successful life as well as a successful business because business is always personal, especially for small business owners.

Jo openly admits she has been through the many highs and lows building her three businesses from scratch around a young family. She lives and breathes the advice she gives in No Longer Last on the List and encourages you, like the mentor she is, to stop putting your dreams off until tomorrow and start working on them today, because she knows you’re truly worth it.

If you haven’t read my book but come across my page, not to worry! You can purchase the book via Amazon below

What They’re Saying

“Now I knew I needed to read this book just purely from the title, but little did I know HOW MUCH I needed to read it.

The whole way through I felt like I had Jo sat next to me, talking directly to me like a friend. Each chapter fully resonated with me and spoke some home truths too, which I have always put to the back of my head, but most of all I have finished the book in just 4 days as I couldn’t put it down....Every spare minute I had around looking after my newborn baby I just had to read some more.

It’s well written, easy to read for any ability (and mums on the constant go) and the activities within the book make you actually take notice as to how it all slots into your life easily. Each person who reads the book will have a different set of outcomes as it is personal to you to how you develop from it, but the principles will work for all.

I feel like I can finally get my sh*t together, and won’t feel (as) guilty when I want to do something for ME again instead of just as Mummy. Thank you for writing this book Jo, I can without a doubt say you will NOT be disappointed to read this book!!”

Hayley Tyler