Sustainable Income and Quick Wins

Do you know where your sustainable income comes from? What’s the main product or service that you offer that’s consistently bringing money into your bank? As business owners, this is of course an essential part – we need to be making money, but I know we all love quick wins!

As important as sustainable income is, it’s always good to have a few ideas for quick wins up your sleeve.

Quick Wins bring in a quick burst of income over a shorter period of time, compared to sustainable income, which is usually from something paid monthly by your clients that essentially is ‘drip fed’ into your business each month.

This Sustainable Income and Quick Wins Worksheet is designed to not only give you clarity on what these things are, but also to give you a couple of ideas to give you some inspiration for your own quick wins!

As business owners, there seems to be a great lot of pressure on us. We have double the responsibility. It’s always a good idea to come up with a few quick wins to bring in that extra bit of income.

The worksheet gives you a run down of what Sustainable Income is compared to a Quick Win, and then gives you space to think of and write down your own ideas, tailored to your business.

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