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This Strategy Workbook really pushes you to think about the big picture, where you want to be and challenges you to ask yourself how you are going to get there.

There are many reasons as to why some businesses succeed and why others fail. I believe one of these reasons is whether the business owner has a detailed strategy plan or not. So I created a strategy template!

As a small business owner it’s likely you often become consumed with the day to day runnings of your business; the phone calls to make, the emails to write, the accounts to reconcile, the HR issues to deal with and the social media posts to publish.

Doing this day in day out without any time invested on the bigger picture or clarity as to where your business is headed can often make you feel deflated, unmotivated and overwhelmed. Which of course is not good. That’s why I’ve created our strategy template!

I believe to move your business forward successfully and to grow at a pace that your business is ready for really comes down to the structure and the plan you have in place. Having a strong strategy is one tool that is fundamental to the growth of your business.

The word Strategy often brings fear to small business owners. They often do not know where to start, what format to use, or what they need to include to get the best results.

The strategy template really pushes you to think of the big picture, where you want to be and challenges you to ask yourself how you are going to get there. We break the whole system down into different categories;



and actions.

This will help you gain complete clarity for your business and your future! Which in turn will hopefully make you feel inspired, motivated and in control.

Here is a review from someone who had purchased and used this strategy booklet. “Jo’s business strategy document is a great way to begin focusing your energy on what’s important in life and in business. In my case, it allowed me to reconnect with my goals and ambitions by committing them to paper long after they were dreamt up. Add to that, her encompassing parent planner and you have exactly what every business owner needs to start getting things off the ground. Don’t miss out!”

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