Large Reusable Wall Planner – 90 Days


Our popular large reusable 90 day wall planner/calendar is perfect for business men/women to keep track of your workload, and properly organize all your meetings and events.

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Our popular large 90 day wall planner/calendar is ideal for business men/women to keep your 2021 on track and perfectly organize your upcoming meetings and events. This easy to read laminated planner will keep you focused on your goals and upcoming meetings in a simple yet effective, styled way. This product is ideal for launch events/programs to keep you focused on what is happening in your business. With this wall planner you will be able to keep your vision clear and stay on top of your workload!

This planner is laminated for ease of use to write-on/wipe-off to plan and if needed amend your calendar as need be. The ease of use of this planner will suit any business person who is on the role and needing to know what is going on. The planner is also fully reusable to keep you planning through the year.

The display of this planner is laid out in 14 by 7 columns, with each box being the exact same size as a posit note, this helps to easily erase and correct any day where need be. The bespoke large 90 day wall planner is 114cm by 65cm so is easy to see from any corner of the office yet still small enough to easily display on any wall. In all, this easy to use 90 day wall planner will be a big benefit to your business and help keep things on track for your 2021.

This bespoke planner is ideal for:

Business men/women

Small business owners

Personal trainers




The planner is also ideal for:

Launch events


Mentoring Launch programs

Social media planning

Marketing Meetings


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