What is outsourcing


Outsourcing can be anything from taking on team members, or hiring VA’s. 

It can be anything from outsourcing an account to look at your books and invoices. It can be outsourcing a HR consultant to oversee the HR department for your company. 

You can outsource other companies to complete specific tasks within your business. 

Why you should be outsourcing 


Outsourcing is fundamental for business growth! 

As business owners we take on so much. We try to juggle so many plates. 

When we first start out our business we end up working more hours than we ever first envisioned. 

As a business owner is so important to be focused on working on our business, not in our business, 

We should be spending time in areas that really matter to you and your business.

Ask yourself those basic questions, where do you see yourself? Where do you want to be? What would you like to accomplish? Where do you want your business to go?


Why you shouldn’t be doing everything. 


As a business owner we shouldn’t be doing everything, we should be focused on our passions. 

We should be working towards reaching our goals and achieving our visions. 

It’s impossible to do everything. 

We can’t be juggling everything within our business, we need to be able to outsource and be confident with the information we deliver. The information and responsibility we give to others, whether that’s within our team or outsourcing someone else, that the tasks we set are done correctly. 



When to start outsourcing. 


Are you becoming overwhelmed with your workload? 

Are you finding you are spending too much time in areas of your business that no longer interest you?

As a business owner we start our business journey to be able to focus on our passions, to be able do what we love. 

When we end up spending time in areas that no longer fulfill our purpose is when we should start outsourcing.

 It’s so important as a business owner to start to focus on areas that fulfill our purpose, the reasons why we become a business owner to start with. 

We should start outsourcing when we have so many plates to juggle, when we feel overwhelmed and seem to be spending too much time and energy in areas that don’t fulfill our purpose. 


It’s super important to start outsourcing in your business when you begin to feel overwhelmed and bogged down with your workload.

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