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Jo Bevilacqua

Vault Online Mastermind with Jo Bevilacqua

Are you running your business? Or is your business running you?

Jo Bevilacqua

Boost your business with Jo

Let’s be real, running a business is exciting and rewarding, but its hard work, and can be stressful at times, wherever you are in the world! That’s why I created my Vault Online Mastermind group, which brings together strong networks of like-minded, business savvy entrepreneurs who are not only looking for support, but love to help others too.

Over the course of six months, we inspire one another to take on all challenges we may face on our journey, realistically and strategically plan for the future and build up even better businesses in the process.

Ready to become resilient and revolutionize your business? We’re here for you!


Is an online Mastermind group right for me?

My online Mastermind workshops are ideal for creative entrepreneurs who want to grow in confidence, build resilience, and scale their business. I’ll help you take control of your business and achieve the great results you want.

Not only that, I’ll help you figure out any issues or barriers you’re facing, guide you through change whilst keeping you accountable. and celebrate your success! We truly are a team and I am your cheerleader and mentor. There is definitely something for everyone, from brand new start-ups all the way to established business owners.

The online groups are Covid-friendly, and accessible wherever you are. It’s great for those working remotely in our diverse Mastermind community.

Enrol now £249 a month

What is included?

Membership of an exclusive, supportive online group

Our online Mastermind members are part of a positive, confidential and non-judgmental group, all on the same journey, here to help and support each other.  It’s a perfect way to take time out and focus fully on your business, away from all the other distractions and commitments with our online Mastermind group. In each session, we will cover how to make the desired changes happen, and learn how to really TAKE ACTION with solid and realistic strategies. We do this with monthly half-day calls, motivating each other through live teaches with myself and industry experts, supplemented with workbooks and resources.

We expect members to attend every call to make sure you’re getting the full benefits from the Mastermind program and the investment in yourself! You will also become a member of our close-knit Facebook group so that we can all keep in touch, stay accountable, and still support each other between sessions.


Bespoke Learning…

Your business is unique, so I make sure my approach to mentoring is the same! Not only will I get to know your business, I will also get to know your personality to ensure I’m giving you my best support that’s tailored to you and your business, which will then allow you to really bring out the best in yourself, and your work.

Take your turn in the hot seat, for a laser-focused analysis of your challenges, barriers and plans, and brainstorm with a group who will come to know you and your business too. Have your chance to shine in our member spotlight, and share your story!

I will show you how to make sense of all these new ideas, to help you transform your business, and implement change with clear direction to get you on the road to success.

Networking and Development…

You will get guest tips from all our other members, a great group of supportive and honest entrepreneurs who are all striving for the best, as well as our industry-leading guest speakers! Network with new connections and generate new business ideas, plans, and aspirations, and really put them into action. You may even find an opportunity for a joint venture!

Jo Bevilacqua

Meet Jo

My name is Jo Bevilacqua, and I’m here to help you figure out your barriers, lay out your goals, blow away any obstacles, and empower you to make your business dreams a reality.

I’m an award winning entrepreneur, with three successful businesses and 12 years of experience, I’ve been through it all, which means I’ll really be able to understand where you are on your business journey, and where you want to get to. I come to the table with absolutely zero judgement, so you can be completely honest with me. I’ll also give you a bit of tough love when it’s needed (emphasis on the love!).

As the host of our online Mastermind workshops, I will inspire you, guide you, and hold you accountable to help you scale your business and develop your mindset too. Let me help you find the confidence and clarity to pursue the business goals that YOU want to achieve, and reach success based on what success is for you, as it’s unique to everyone. From idea to implementation, alongside our dynamic and collaborative members.

I cannot wait to welcome you to our Mastermind group and get started on this journey together.

Read my testimonials below to see what is possible for my clients. Join us and find out what you will achieve

Price: £249 per month


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Mastermind is an honest look into what you want and a constructive approach to get you there. It’s a group where you can be supported to help understand what might be holding you back and then to put into place an action plan to progress.

Jo provides support, guidance, insight and a kick up the backside when needed to help me get clarity on what I’m trying to achieve, put goals in place and then holds me accountable to ensure those goals are achieved.

Since I have been a part of Mastermind, my entire outlook on life has changed, I’m 100% more confident than I was before...I am now constantly improving both personally and in business.

Jo brings together people who she can see will lift and support each other and then does that all for us. She genuinely has our interest at heart.