One to One Mentoring

One to One



Concentrate on specific challenges you face in your business AND your personal life.


Found out what really works for you and what pitfalls to avoid. Save time by learning the mistakes I made.


Target what is holding you back from achieving your goals and see what you can improve on.


Plan realistic steps that can be implemented immediately and find what success means to you.

What You'll Get Power Hour Half/Full Day
Identify where you're working at right now
Set goals for what you want to achieve
Set up your 5 year freedom plan
Get your foundations in place
Dive deep and find your problem areas
Target much more specific challenges
Understand what you want/need in business
Identify issues that are holding you back
Plan realistic, actionable steps that can help you succeed
Receive as much advice as I can give you!

Our one to one mentoring sessions together may get deep and personal.

but this will enable us to really get to the bottom of what’s preventing you from moving forward, not necessarily just professionally, but also personally too!

Not only will I then understand what it is we need to do to help you, but it may even be beneficial to you, as you may not have even realised some of these barriers yourself!

Figuring this out will ensure we can take the appropriate actions to ensure you get to live the life YOU want. So you can own the business that not only makes you money, but makes you happy too!

Jo Bevilacqua | One to One Mentoring