No Longer Last on the List

No Longer Last on the List

Join the Self-Full Revolution with No Longer Last on the List!

Front cover of Jo Bevilacqua's book titled No Longer Last on the List.

No Longer Last on the List

is a self-growth book that takes a deep dive into the many challenges and pressures that many of us face day to day. 

Want to finally put yourself first?

A powerful guide to getting more of what you love in life and putting your own needs high on your to-do list.

Life is busy. You have a family to care for, a job or business to run, people who need you. But with so much of your time accounted for, where do your own needs come on that never ending to-do list?

Are you always last on the list? Do you even appear at all?

You know you should prioritise your own self-care or spend more time doing what lights you up inside but how can you find the time? What if other people need you?

In ‘No Longer Last on the List’, Jo Bevilacqua looks at the pressures that hold you back and gives you barrier-breaking activities for change.

Who is 'No Longer Last on the List' for?


You might be running a business already or dream about being your own boss. ‘No Longer Last on the List’ can help you get clarity and push you in the right direction.

Busy Women

Women who are wearing multiple hats and never have time for themselves. Whether you’re caring for kids, older parents or working round the clock, this book is for you!

Multi-Tasking Mums

Full time, part time, stay at home – however you describe yourself as a mum, this book will help you create quality time with your kids but also show you why your family needs you to look after your own needs as well as theirs.

Students and Young Adults

For those just starting out in life, this book is packed full of confidence – and habit-building advice and activities to help you build a fulfilling life!

Career Changers

For anyone who wishes to change career paths in life, discover practical ideas about how to change direction and seize your true vocation. Own your hopes and dreams!


Whoever wants to do more of what they love in life and less of what holds them back – this book is for you!

JO Bevilacqua with her Cartel. holding her new book 'No Longer Last on the List'

In her new book ‘No Longer Last on the List’, Jo Bevilacqua shows you exactly how to rewrite your own story and set yourself on a new path of personal and professional fulfilment – just like she did.

Throughout the book, Jo invites you to celebrate everything that makes you a person worth prioritising. Chapter by chapter, discover how to find clarity about what you love in life, how to get more of it and how to ditch the things that no longer serve you.

With Jo by your side, you will learn how to put yourself first and feel good about it, especially when it benefits your loved ones too. You’ll reconnect with your dreams and learn how to eventually turn them into your reality. 

What People are Saying about No Longer Last on the List

"Now I knew I needed to read this book just purely from the title, but little did I know HOW MUCH I needed to read it. It’s well written, easy to read for any ability (and mums on the constant go) and the activities within the book make you actually take notice as to how it all slots into your life easily."
Hayley Tyler
"What a wake up call. To realise how you actually feel inside and haven’t said anything out loud to read you are not alone. Jo definitely gets you thinking about your self worth, aspirations and dreams."
Simone JM
"Throughout the book, Jo is by your side as a friend and mentor, urging you on and inviting you to celebrate everything that makes you a person worth prioritising. It’s time to put yourself FIRST on the list ... and that starts with this book! Go read it!"
Shaa Wasmund MBE
Jo Bevilacqua with her book No Longer Last on the List

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