No Longer Last on the List

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‘No Longer Last on the List’ is a self-growth book

that takes a deep dive into the many challenges and pressures that many of us face day to day.

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About the Book


Life is busy. You have family to care for, a job or business to run, people who need you. But with so much of your time accounted for, where do your own needs come on that never-ending to-do list?

Are you always last on the list? Do you even appear at all?

You know you should prioritise your own self-care or spend more time doing what lights you up inside but how can you find the time? What if other people need you?

In ‘No Longer Last on the List’, Jo Bevilacqua looks at the pressures that hold you back and gives you barrier-breaking activities for change.

After each chapter comes an activity tailored to what has just been covered.

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The Author of ‘No Longer Last on the List’

Jo Bevilacqua

Award-winning entrepreneur and mentor, Jo Bevilacqua has lived the same story.

She used to always put herself last on the list because she didn’t want to let anyone down. But then she rewrote the story and set herself on a new path of personal and professional fulfilment.

In her new book ‘No Longer Last on the List’, she shows you exactly how to do the same thing.

Throughout the book, Jo invites you to celebrate everything that makes you a person worth prioritising.

Chapter by chapter, discover how to find clarity about what you love in life – and how to get more of it – as well as how to ditch the things that no longer serve you.

With Jo by your side, you will learn how to put yourself first and feel good about it, especially when it benefits your loved ones too. You’ll reconnect with your dreams and learn how to turn them into reality.

About Jo

Who is ‘No Longer Last on the List’ For?

What are people saying about ‘No Longer Last on the List’?

“Now I knew I needed to read this book just purely from the title, but little did I know HOW MUCH I needed to read it.

The whole way through I felt like I had Jo sat next to me, talking directly to me like a friend. Each chapter fully resonated with me and spoke some home truths too, which I have always put to the back of my head, but most of all I have finished the book in just 4 days as I couldn’t put it down....Every spare minute I had around looking after my newborn baby I just had to read some more.

It’s well written, easy to read for any ability (and mums on the constant go) and the activities within the book make you actually take notice as to how it all slots into your life easily. Each person who reads the book will have a different set of outcomes as it is personal to you to how you develop from it, but the principles will work for all.

I feel like I can finally get my sh*t together, and won’t feel (as) guilty when I want to do something for ME again instead of just as Mummy. Thank you for writing this book Jo, I can without a doubt say you will NOT be disappointed to read this book!!”

Hayley Tyler

Super quick delivery. Ordered on release and was waiting for me the next morning. Packaged brilliantly and the little goodies were a perfect touch.
A book that gets you hooked, I’ve just had a little read and can’t wait until I can get back to my next fix!
What a wake up call. To realise how you actually feel inside and haven’t said anything out loud to read you are not alone. Jo definitely gets you thinking about your self worth, aspirations and dreams.

Simone JM

From opening the book, not even the first page, I knew Jo was going to be with me on this journey and that she genuinely cared. I mean, who sends you treats in the post? A simple, yet effective reminder that there should always be time for you and if you haven't got it then you need to make it. Then there's the book itself; the real treat. Throughout each chapter, you feel Jo is by your side. She doesn't tell you what you should be doing, but encourages and empowers you to make the choices that are right for you and for your situation whether you are a business owner, parent or working in a pressurised environment. No Longer Last on The List is exactly the coaching tool I've been looking for and am so glad I found. I hope you find it too!


“Have you ever felt like life is a never-ending to-do list where everyone else’s needs come before your own?

You have so many roles; partner, mother, daughter, friend, niece, aunt, employee, boss, carer – women face societal pressures and expectations about every choice and every role they follow.

The truth is that you can never make everyone happy - at least not all the time! There will always be people who judge you unfairly or disagree with your choices. The only way forward is to rise above other people’s opinions and start putting yourself on the top of your priority list.

This book breaks down the barriers that hold you back and offers you practical activities to
both inspire and motivate you, but it is also super practical too. It encourages you to seek out more of what lights you up inside and to recognise and do something about the parts of your life that don’t serve you anymore.

Jo Bevilacqua is an award-winning entrepreneur with three successful businesses and a mum of two. She shows up every day for a large community of women to help them launch and run their own businesses. Truthfully, she is a cheerleader to all women. She understands from first hand experience the pressures on women that still exists today and help you thrive, not just survive.

Throughout the book, she’s by your side as a friend and mentor, urging you on and inviting you to celebrate everything that makes you a person worth prioritising.

It’s time to put yourself FIRST on the list ... and that starts with this book! Go read it!”

Shaa Wasmund MBE

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Jo is available to talk about ‘No Longer Last on the List‘ as a guest speaker for podcasts aimed at busy female entrepreneurs or to share her wisdom as an award-winning business owner in Facebook Lives on your groups or pages. Send an email to find out more.