Maximising Time

Maximising Time – Trading Time for Money?

Money vs Maximising Time

Amongst the business knowledge that’s needed to build a sustainable business, one of the essential skills you need to learn is time management. Or how to make sure you’re maximising your time. To make sure you’re using it efficiently.

There’s only so many hours in the day, a lot of the time it feels like there’s just not enough hours! So can you really afford to be spending your time doing things that make minimal impact on your business?

Practising your time management skills, so you’re maximising your time, will have a huge impact on your business.

Let me explain…

Are you spending relentless hours putting out fires and doing all the little things? Picking up after everyone? Or are you spending your time doing things that are making waves in your business?

You don’t need to be trading all your time for money. If you feel like you’re constantly working, constantly fixing others’ mistakes and focusing on the things that you don’t really enjoy, then I can help.


You need to start by identifying two things.

Firstly, what tasks or activities within your business do you enjoy most? Maybe what you enjoy most is the actual delivery of your product or service. That’s how it is for me – my absolute favourite thing to do is the practical stuff, like running my Masterminds. I’ve been doing them for years now, and to this day they’re still the thing I love doing most.

Secondly, consider what brings in the MOST money to your business. Is what you love most the thing that brings in the most money? If so, great! Stop spending time on emails, admin, social posts etc. when those are things that could be outsourced, or that you could delegate to a team. 

If what you love most doesn’t bring in that much money, it’s important to find a balance. There’s no point spending ALL your time doing things that you don’t enjoy or find boring just because they bring in the cash.

At the end of the day, there’s more to business than money. And it’s important to remember that although you need to make that money, you need to put your feelings and mental health above all. Find the balance. Make sure you’re maximising your time. Spend some of it focusing on the big things that bring in the most money, but then spend the rest of your time doing things that you love.

I mean, isn’t that why a lot of us started our businesses? I know there’s a lot of reasons we may have started, but from what I’ve heard within my 12 years of business is that a lot of people want to start their own business so they can have more time to do the things they love. 


If you struggle with maximising your time…

My Time Management Handbook will be great for you. It’s downloadable for free! With this handbook you’ll be able to sit and plan out your time so you can make sure you’re spending it efficiently. It’s full of helpful advice on maximising time so you know you’re making the biggest possible impact on your business.

You can download it here – I hope it helps!


So you’ve identified…

What you enjoy, and what brings in the most money. Now you can start to focus your time and energy on those things, rather than things that you can easily delegate. I know it can be scary to start delegating or outsourcing. But I can assure you that the impact it can make on your business is huge. It gives you more time to focus on the big things. The things that make you happy and really boost your business to the next level. 

I’ve seen so many become overwhelmed and burnt out because they’re just doing absolutely EVERYTHING. This is where delegating comes in. Diversify your business by expanding, and hiring some employees – even if you just start with a couple. At first it may seem hard to delegate, but you can do it! Like I said, it frees up more of your time which can then be spent on the money makers, and the things you really love to do. It’ll do wonders for your business and help you avoid becoming burnt out. The more you delegate, the more you’ll really be able to dominate your industry.



If you need some extra support along your business journey with time management or any other problem areas you have, my Masterminders and I may be able to help. I run Mastermind groups once a month. Here you’ll give and receive bespoke advice, business knowledge, and education, with a small supportive group of powerful business owners. 

You can book a 15-Minute Mastermind call with me here if you’d like some more information, or check out my website!

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