Money vs Job Satisfaction – Worth the Stress?

Money isn’t everything

Whilst money is what physically keeps your business running, there’s a lot more to being a business owner than that. What I mean by this is although money is a huge part, there’s other aspects, including more personal things that keep your business up and running.

Everyone’s goals are different, some may be monetary, some may be personal too. But at the end of the day, is money worth it if you have to put yourself through something that has a negative impact on you and the business? It may be to some, but not to others.

For example, I’ve had a couple of nightmare clients, I’m sure we all have! And although they bring money into my business, it’s not always worth the stress and aggravation it comes with.


Money vs Job Satisfaction

Doing something you don’t really want to, or that causes you stress is of course going to bring you down. If you don’t feel 100%, it’s going to be hard for you to put 100% into your business. But if you ditch the things that don’t make you feel good, it will allow you to put more time, energy, and focus into what you do love – and what helps the business thrive.

I’ll say it day after day, but business is personal! The way that we feel, our beliefs and values, are reflected within our businesses and the way we run them. So if you feel down, it’s possible it will bring your business down too.


Don’t get lost in Money

Like I say, money is what physically keeps your business running. But it’s easy for anyone, especially us business owners, to get swept up in money. Whether this be the joy of having it, or the stress of not making enough. Through this it’s very possible to lose sight of the kind of direction we should be going in, as well as the things we love and the goals we want to achieve.

Whilst it’s perfectly valid for your main goals to be money related, it’s important to remember there’s other aspects to do with business that keep it sustainable and consistent. 

Have you been swept up in money but not realised? You need to remember your why. Go back to the business fundamentals and consider the reasons you wanted to start your business in the first place. If it was to make money, that’s great! But don’t let that come at a detriment to your personal health and your business.


What can you do?

Decide what it is within your business that really makes you happy. If you’re dealing with nightmare clients that cause you a lot of stress, stop working with them. As the business owner it’s your call. If you’re struggling to work with a certain client it’s perfectly fine to let them know you don’t want to work with them anymore. This is for your own sake, but it’s likely to benefit the client too, since you may find it difficult to give 100% to someone you don’t really want to work with.

Once you’re able to put 100% into the things you love, you’ll make up any money you lose.

If your client base is something you struggle with, define what kind of people you DO want to work with. What are their values and beliefs, are they similar to yours? Do they value the same things as you? By this I mean are they YOUR people. Try and gain clarity on the kind of people you want to be working with, and tailor your content to attract them. Like I say, it’s completely valid to decide you don’t want to work with certain people. You’re the business owner. It’s YOUR decision.

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