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This isn’t just business…it’s personal.

Learn to build, grow and scale your business from the comfort of your own home!

With my Mastermind Online, you’ll build an elite skill set from an amalgamation of support, education, knowledge, and accountability that will transform you and your business to the next level.

Build, grow, and scale your business in a way that’s right for YOU and your business, rather than the way you think you have to.

Whatever it is you do, from HR to Salons, Recruitment to Manufacturing, ALL businesses have the same fundamentals. We all face similar challenges throughout our business journey.

It’s having the strong, solidified knowledge of how to actually run a business that will help you create something long-term and sustainable.

Jo Bevilacqua

There's so much more to building a strong, sustainable business than just marketing and social media.

A sustainable business is...

Inside Mastermind Online, we use my Signature Six Pillar System to dive deep into the fundamentals of business and to make sure that your business thrives long-term.


During Mastermind Online, we dive deep into your numbers to make sure you’ve got clarity and control over your ingoings and outgoings – whether these be quick wins or sustainable income!


Mindset is a huge part of business. It’s what makes it so personal! So we focus not only on education and knowledge but also personal support and accountability so you can gain confidence.


We don’t just follow the latest fads or trends. You’ll learn how to use the right marketing strategies for your business, so you can be sure you’re attracting YOUR people.

Mastering Tech

Digitising your business saves so much time, and makes work processes so much more efficient! We make sure you have the right tech in place so your business can run smoothly.

Managing a Team

Struggle to delegate? Through support and knowledge you’ll learn how to build, expand, and manage your dream team so you can take time out to do more of the things you love.

Maximising Time

You work hard, but do you work hard on the right things? Learn how to really use your time efficiently and maximise the time you do have so you can make the best possible progress.

This is about building the business that’s right for you. 

No cliché advice, no generic teachings, no BS.

But what’s so great about my Mastermind Online is that you can join me from absolutely anywhere! Cut the cost of travel, ditch the stress of time restraints. Join me and your Mastermind peers over Zoom from the comfort of your own home or office.

My Mastermind Online includes small, intimate groups of like-minded business owners all on a similar journey. You get the opportunity to build life-long connections with people who really want to see you succeed.

It's like having a board of directors without the payroll!

We’re like the 3am friends you’ve always wanted, who’ve 100% got your back!

Let’s be real, running a business is hard. I know how  isolating it can be. Struggles upon struggles and no one seems to understand you. Well that ends today.

Mastermind Online is a place for you to show your true self. We embrace vulnerability in a safe, non-judgmental virtual environment.

You’ll be surrounded by your biggest cheerleaders – including me! We’ll listen, and share new opinions, advice, and perspectives. 

Expect some tough love. We’re here to give you a shoulder to cry on but also a good kick up the backside when you need it!

Jo Bevilacqua at the small business awards, Peterborough

So, what are you going to get?

Monthly Live Sessions

  • A full day of virtual Masterminding once a month.

  • Come together with a group of like-minded, powerful business owners.

  • Work on your businesses together as a team.

Bespoke Learning

  • Stand out and don't just follow the trends.

  • Get bespoke advice tailored to you and your business.

  • Learn how to build the business that is right for you.


  • You'll be 100% supported and held accountable by your peers and I.

  • Business is personal and needs to be treated that way.

  • Supported personally and professionally.

She Leads

  • Once joined, you get full access to my Facebook Group.

  • An online space to share thoughts and ideas.

  • Get instant support and advice from like-minded business owners.

Hot Seat Opportunities

  • Chance to focus on your business.

  • Can give you a laser-focused analysis on the good and the bad.

  • Help to find the best way forward for you and your business.

WhatsApp Group

  • Confidential WhatsApp chat just for your group.

  • A great, honest place to chat about life and business.

  • A great chance to get extra support and establish close relationships.

Helpful Resources

  • Given helpful workbooks and resources regularly.

  • Set goals, plan for the future and gain clarity.

  • Different workbooks tailored to your business and any problems you have.

Guest Speakers

  • Professional Guest Speakers who are experts in their field.

  • An opportunity to receive more advice.

  • See from the perspective of entrepreneurs who have been in business for years.

In-Person Workshops

  • Get together twice over the 6 month commitment for an in-person workshop.

  • An opportunity to get together face to face and build connections.

  • A way to increase productivity and keep us all motivated!

The Mastermind Online is PERFECT for you if you...

✔ Are ambitious

You have to be ready and raring to step outside of your comfort zone and really make some serious progress! You KNOW you’ve got the potential.

✔ Believe business doesn't have to be boring

The Vault Mastermind isn’t some huge corporate programme. It’s an intimate group of business owners who have a good laugh!

✔ Are willing to be completely honest and open

Inside The Vault, we encourage each other to embrace vulnerability because the only way to make substantial progress is by being 100% honest at all times.

✔ Are an action taker, or want to become one

You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? The Vault Mastermind is all about taking action, and holding each other accountable for it.

✔ Have a passion, but need the business knowledge

As long as you’re passionate and have a love for your industry and business, I can provide you with the business knowledge you need.

✔ Want to take your business to the next level

It’s not easy, but together we will support and educate one another so we can boost our businesses and live our dream lives.

✔ Are ready for 100% honest, real and bespoke advice and support

I’m not here to sugar coat things. I’ll tell you exactly what you NEED to hear, rather than what you want to hear, at all times.

Invest in your business.

The Online Mastermind is a 6 month commitment at just £300 per month.

Once you’re in, you’re in. You should be as committed to the group as I am to your business!

Over 6 months, we can make changes to your business that drive a huge impact. You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone so you can really make a difference to your business, and your life.

Building a business that’s strong and sustainable means you ALWAYS have choices, and have as much control as possible over your life, and where you want to be.

The next step is to book a call with me! I’d absolutely LOVE to have a chat and we can see if The Vault Mastermind is the right move for you and your business, and if you and I will work well together.

Jo Bevilacqua in a pink blazer standing in front of a camera

I’ve been in business for over 12 years now, I know what I’m talking about - I’ve been through it all.

Throughout my 12 years I’ve opened three businesses (Hallmark Carpets and Flooring, Serenity Loves, and Jo Bevilacqua Mentoring).

 Two of these I’ve been able to sack myself from so they run without me, but I still bring in the money!

It’s my life mission to help like-minded business owners build the businesses (and lives) of their dreams, and avoid the costly mistakes that I have made over my business journey.

I use my 12 years of expertise to support, teach, and mentor those who I work with, using the lessons I learnt to guide others forward.

I’ve been running Masterminds for over five years, and it’s my absolute favourite thing to do.

We still have people with us now that have been there since the very beginning 5 years ago, that’s got to say something!

I'm not just another business mentor!

I don’t care for all this six-figures overnight talk. It’s not realistic. That’s NOT who I am!

I’ll give you tough love. I’m one to give you a shoulder to cry on but also a kick up the backside if you need it.

Trust me, as an award-winning multi-business owner, I can give you the realest advice to get you where you want to be.

 The Vault Mastermind is a unique blend of business and personal; a place to make deep, life-long connections and memories, as well as a space to learn and teach, and educate and listen with a group of ass-kicking, supportive, like-minded business owners – including myself!

I pride myself on creating a positive, encouraging, supportive, and safe environment for me and my clients (some of which are my closest friends!). 

Don't just take it from me...

Take it from some of my lovely clients who have been with me from the start!

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With Amy Polly

‘The Power of Mastermind’

With Rosie Whitelock

‘Grow Your Business with Mastermind’

With Heidi Setchfield

Thinking about Mastermind but undecided? I'm happy to have a chat! I've worked with Jo over the last 3 years on my business and it's now thriving! I love the support, accountability, there for the wins and the struggles and couldn't be without the group. Can you afford not to?
natalie brannigan for testimonials
Natalie Brannigan
The Little Marketing Company
I highly recommend that anyone sitting on the fence has a chat with Jo about Mastermind. Mastermind groups with Jo and the other ladies in my group have not only improved every aspect of my life, but every aspect of my business too! Jo has been a fantastic mentor every step of the way.
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Rebecca Hardy
Folly Farm Equestrian Centre
Group 2 of Mastermind holding up their Reflection Booklets

Ready to join us?

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We’re 100% behind you, every step of the way.

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