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My Mastermind Groups are Here for Support!

Looking for a Business Support Network? My Mastermind Groups are the Answer…

As a business mentor I believe it’s my life’s mission to help other people who are on the same journey as me, achieve their goals, scale their businesses, and prioritise their own needs. That’s why I started my Mastermind Groups!

There’s so much stigma in business, but I’m here to cut the BS, and help my fellow businesswomen thrive. We need to ditch this business persona that being a business owner is a walk in the park. It’s not always easy. We’re expected to always be happy and positive. But we’re allowed to feel negative from time to time. It’s OK to not want to look at your business some days.  I’m here to tell you exactly how it is. No lies, no sugar coating, no BS.

So, if you’re looking for a support network to help you every step of the way through your business journey, why not take a look at my Mastermind Groups?

What are the Mastermind Groups?

As I’ve said, my biggest passion is helping people get the most out of their business, and their life, and join the self-full revolution. My aim is to help people get themselves back at the top of their list. So my Mastermind programme is the perfect way to do this!

You’ll join a small group of like-minded, powerful women from all different areas of business. Together, we work together to share our stories, and our successes and failures.  Gain connections for life as we hold one another accountable at ALL times, to make sure we’re all making the best possible impact on our lives.

It’s a completely non-judgmental, honest and authentic group of influential BOSSES, who want to do more of the things they love. We share our pitfalls, and celebrate our successes.

Each Mastermind group runs over a course of 6 months either Online or In-Person. My Mastermind Programme is all about embracing vulnerability. This is so you can receive bespoke advice tailored directly to YOU and your business. Learn how to build a long-term sustainable business, alongside a strong network of passionate women who are all looking to TAKE ACTION, and push themselves and their business to the next level. With a choice of In-person or Online Mastermind, it’s up to you!

Who are we looking for?

If you…

  • Have a passion for helping others
  • Absolutely LOVE business
  • Are looking for a new support network
  • Need that extra support, personally or professionally
  • Are an ACTION TAKER, or want to become one
  • Want to take your business to the next level
  • Have a positive and enthusiastic mindset
  • Want to figure out what success means for YOU

… Then you are the PERFECT Mastermind member!

We’re looking for people who are going to be fully committed to the group, and to themselves! This is all about learning how to really take action, so your dreams can become a reality.

It’s hard work, but we have to face reality. It’s always tricky trying to do everything alone, so join us! Our groups are completely confidential, so you can be completely honest, and get the advice you really NEED to hear, rather than what you want to hear.

We want authentic, genuine people, who really want to make a difference to other people’s lives, but especially to their own. After all, we should all be at the top of our own lists!

What’s actually included in the Mastermind Groups?

One meet up per month

As I’ve mentioned, our Mastermind programme, both in-person and online, run for 6 months.

Once a month, we get together, either in person or over Zoom, for a full day of Masterminding. In each session we dive deep into your business and learn exactly what’s holding you back from thriving. 

Whether these are physical or mental barriers, we’re completely honest with one another to ensure we’re giving the best bespoke advice! We’ll discuss your plans and what your next moves are, and offer helpful tips and ideas to help you and your business.

Even with our online programme, we get to meet up in person twice over the 6 month course!

Industry experts and keynote speakers

As well as getting tailored, genuine advice from me and from your Mastermind peers, we will also be joined by a number of other industry professionals to speak with us. 

This allows for even more ideas, even more perspectives, and even more GROWTH. Our industry pros and guest keynote speakers all have a hardened experience in the business industry, and will be able to give you an even bigger insight in how to optimize YOUR business.

Monthly group calls

Monthly group calls are a great way for all of us to stay in touch and make sure that we’re all still holding one another accountable for EVERYTHING. Even outside of our main sessions, we can have a catch-up, discuss our problems, and make sure we’re all still on track to achieving success.

Remember, success is TOTALLY subjective, it means something completely different to everyone. You can read more about my views on success here.

Community groups – Facebook and WhatsApp

WhatsApp group and Facebook community groups are also included within the Mastermind Programme. This ensures that we can all stay in contact regularly, and keep holding each other accountable. I’ll keep saying that, but it’s so important. It’s a huge step in learning to TAKE ACTION and really progress with your business.

Workbooks and resources

This programme includes a ton of helpful workbooks and resources. They’re the perfect way to track down everything we talk about, and keep your workload under wraps. With live teaches over Zoom rather than in person, you’ll be able to use the worksheets to manage your business and then bring them with you to our in-person meets where we can look at them together and dive even deeper.

Hot seat moments

In each Mastermind session, everyone will get a hot seat moment. This is a moment just for YOU, to discuss anything you wish with the group. It could be any issues you’re facing or any successes you’d like to celebrate with us! It’s your time to share your experiences and get the best advice possible.


Importance of support…

Sometimes people can think that it may be better for them to run a business all alone, so they can follow their own ideas, and maybe not have what they want to achieve be judged by others. It can be more of a defence, trying to do things by yourself, as you may find it difficult to ask for help.

However, I can 100% assure you that the process is so much more fun, exciting, and rewarding if you’ve got a support network behind you the entire time. It makes the process so much easier if you’re able to get new perspectives and ideas that will help you expand.

 You’ll find people within the group that will inspire you. We keep each other motivated and always hold one another accountable!

At the same time, you get to help others achieve their goals too. 

Starting up a business is a very difficult process, so it’s only going to help having a supportive, powerful group of women by your side. Especially within my Mastermind groups, as you may find an opportunity to collaborate with another member.

My Mastermind programme is designed so each and every person involved gets something out of it. It’s incredibly rewarding to help others with their struggles, and help them overcome barriers. And through doing this, you get the same in return! There’s something for everyone.

Yes, we hold each other accountable at all times, and we advise when people talk about their downfalls. But we also celebrate each other’s successes! Whilst you can learn just as much from a mistake than from doing something right, it’s important we all recognise each other’s achievements and celebrate them together, to give recognition, and keep each other motivated. 


Find what’s right for you!

We all respect that you don’t have to take every bit of advice that you hear. Take what resonates with you, and do what is best for YOU!

The important thing is that you find what you need. Whilst you’re trying to build your business and juggle your life, the main thing you have to focus on is what’s right for you. Focus on what is going to get you to where you want to be, and how you’re going to get there.

So, if my In-person or Online Mastermind group sounds like it’s going to benefit you, then join us! However, if you feel something else may be better for your needs, keep exploring. 


Reviews of my Mastermind Groups…

Hear what people are saying about my Mastermind Programme!

  • “My business was more of a hobby when I first joined Mastermind! I knew I had a passion for HR but knew nothing about how to build and run a successful business! Fast forward 2 years and the business is in profit, we have tripled our turnover and I know have an amazing business partner. We have continued to hold HR as a prime service however we have added recruitment, H&S, L&D and payroll services!”
  • “The information and tools provided as part of the Mastermind has been amazing, but more than that, Jo has challenged my thinking, pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and supported a change and growth in my personal mindset”.
  • “I have been part of Jo’s monthly Mastermind group for a while now and what can I say about that but WOW! Within 6 months of joining, my business had taken off massively; we have exceeded all of our income targets as well as other targets, and have also made new and exciting goals for the future. I cannot thank Jo enough for the love, support, and guidance she has given me.”

If you feel my Mastermind sessions are right for you, go ahead and book a call with me. Let’s have a chat to discuss your options and get to know each other. 

I hope I get to work with you and start this journey together!


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