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Let’s Make Money Honey! | Event Day

Event Day – Let’s Make Money Honey!

Our Money Honey Event Day was offered for those who took part in our 8 Week Course! If you hadn’t guessed, today’s event was all about making money, selling, and promoting. I’ll always say, I love being back in the same room with everyone, and spending time working on our businesses, and just having a good laugh!


What does money mean to you?

Something I want to get across is that money can be something different to everyone. Like most things in life, each individual is going to have a different opinion on money. For some, it may be a motivator, it may be the biggest reason they started their business. For others, money is just a little bonus, or it doesn’t really mean that much to them. It’s different for everyone.

After going round the room, here are some of the answers that people had;

  • Success

  • Possibilities 

  • Security 

  • Freedom

  • Kids future

  • Growth

  • Luxury

  • Motivation

We had a good range of answers and there was definitely a lot to resonate with.


What about negative feelings towards money?

Whilst everyone had something good to say about money, because it can massively benefit us. It’s natural to have some negative feelings towards it. It’s not always healthy, and people’s attitudes and values can change. The power of money is so strong. But like I say, it’s natural to have some negative feelings here.

Here’s some of the answers we discussed…

  • Guilt

  • Pressure

  • Motivator, but leads to overworking

  • Tax/VAT

  • Investment choices

  • Worry

  • Trying to justify spending

  • Perception that money makes money

  • Jealousy 

  • Expectations from others

  • Unclear future with no money

  • More money means more success 


What if you had no limits?

What if you had all the money in the world, and there was no limit to how much you could spend or save? I feel like we don’t give ourselves time to think about what we actually want, so this activity gives a little clarity on what our huge dreams would be.

Here’s some of the answers…

  • Buy properties

  • Dogs

  • Buy properties abroad

  • Finance for kids

  • Pay mortgage 

  • Charity

  • Pay off debts

  • Private healthcare

  • Have more fun

  • Build an empire 

  • Spend more time with loved ones

  • No work, new experiences 


Good, Better, and Best Life

Identifying what a good, better, and best life for you helps create clear goals and directions. By doing this you can realise what you may be able to afford now, which could give you that motivation to work harder on your business to achieve those goals! Clarity on your goals allows you to create a rational pathway to achieve these, and will boost your motivation.


Customer Funnel

We went over the customer funnel, which essentially shows all of the products and services your business offers, but the lower down it is in the funnel, the higher the cost for customers. This helps you get a good idea of all the products and services that your business offers, and also will give you a good idea for pricing! 

It helps identify your biggest incomes, and may give you a good idea of what you should be spending most of your time on, and the things that you could outsource or delegate to a team.


Products and Services

When considering our products and services, we thought about these questions;

  • Which of them makes you money?
  • Are they popular?
  • Do you enjoy making/selling them?

Some people find that the things that are popular, and bring in the most money are the things they don’t enjoy. But on the other hand, some people found that the things they enjoy doing don’t make as much money.

What’s important is that we find a balance. You’re going to have to do some things that you don’t necessarily enjoy, especially if they bring you in the most money. Maybe there’s little things you can change that could make the experience more enjoyable?


Features and Benefits of your Products and Services

The features are what they are, what they do, and what kind of impact they make. The benefits are how they benefit the consumer, and you could also consider how they benefit the business too. When thinking of benefits, it’s important to consider emotions, and how it will make the consumer feel.


Making Sales

Of course, this whole workshop is about making sales, and making money honey! So what would the day be without actually taking action and getting everyone to make some sales.

We split the room into three teams, and I tasked them with doing anything they can to make a sale. Whether that be videos, lives, posts, calling clients to discuss old quotes – just anything to make as many sales as possible. It was time to put our planning and discussions into practice!

It was great to see each team working together, discussing, helping one another, and offering advice on how to make their sales. I loved seeing like-minded people working together to make real progress with their businesses.

We spent a good couple of hours focusing on our sales, and we had a fair few come through! I thought we’d make it into a little competition, so everyone has until Friday at 5pm to update me on any sales they’ve made. I offered a free one to one with each member of the winning team! 



The group and I finished off the day with a bit of Masterminding. Since it was a lovely day, we decided to head outside and do our session in the sun. 

Masterminds are my absolute favourite thing to do, so it was amazing to be able to hold a session with everyone so we can discuss our struggles, successes, and offer each other bespoke advice. We always make sure to hold one another accountable so we can be as successful as possible.


Let’s Make Money Honey!

Today’s event was so much fun. I held it for the participants of my 8 Week Course, so I loved having us all together.

Thank you so much to everyone who came, it was great to see you all make real impacts to your business and get those sales in! I hope you left with a healthy mindset, and determination to succeed. Stay tuned for testimonials to be released soon! 

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