Christmas Decorations on a Pink Backdrop

Merry Christmas from the JVB Team!

A JVB Christmas…

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s the JVB team here.

What are you up to this Christmas? We hope you have an amazing day!

We thought we’d just put together a little blog to share with you what we’re doing over the holidays.


Chelsie (Business Admin):

So this is my daughter’s first Christmas so we are super excited! We are getting up early to open presents between us and then going to my partners parents to spend the morning with them.

It will be our niece’s first Christmas too so my partner’s dad is dressing up as Santa for the babies!

We are then going to my parents house in the afternoon to have dinner with them and the rest of my family! We’ll also get all the kids to open their presents. My mum and stepdad ALWAYS cook for everyone on Christmas, it’s such a feast as there are sooo many of us!

We’ll spend the evening playing a few games and having some drinks!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas whatever you are doing! X


Kris (Digital Marketer):

Hi, it’s Kris here!

This year, I’m in London for my Christmas holiday. Most of my dad’s side of the family live there so we’re travelling on Christmas morning to spend the day and Boxing Day with them. 

We are a fairly big bunch – over 35 of us sat round a table this time. In previous years, we’ve managed to squeeze into each other’s houses but since family members have gained partners and/or children, we’re having to hire out an entire pub to accommodate us all! 

After dinner we’re planning to swap presents, have a good catch up and play some games – we can all get quite competitive! We’re then going to a cousin’s house for more drinks, and will make our way back to our hotel and see everyone again for Boxing Day breakfast.

Spending time with my family is probably my favourite thing to do over the Christmas break and I hope to do Christmases as large as this for generations to come.


Khatira (Content Writer and PR):

If there is one thing that I am happy about this year, it’s celebrating Christmas for the first time in 21 years. My family has never really celebrated Christmas before, but I have always wished we would.

Every year, I used to always watch people talk about how excited they are to celebrate Christmas and I would always feel like I wish I did. After all, I guess wishes do come true, because this year I managed to convince my dad to get a Christmas tree so we can celebrate and I feel super grateful because I have always wanted to be a part of this wonderful tradition.

As much as I love food, my favorite part about Christmas is putting up the decorations and opening up the presents on the day while spending time with my family. 


Harry (Content Writer)

This year I’m spending Christmas at home with my mum and a couple of friends. 

In 2020 I cooked my first ever Christmas dinner, and I’m doing the same this year but for 6 people – so wish me luck! (last years was amazing if I do say so myself).

As usual it will just be a chill one. Great food, snacks, drinks, games etc.

As for boxing day I’m seeing the rest of my family which consists of 4 siblings, 4 nephews and 3 nieces, it’s usually chaos!

Have a great Christmas everyone, and roll on the New Year! 

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