It’s Never Too Late To Start

it’s never too late
They often let the negativity, insecurities and doubts from others and themselves creep in and take over, resulting in them not allowing themselves to be the person they were born to be or to achieve the things they actually crave for.
But I want YOU to just take a minute to think about what YOU could achieve if you really, truly believed in yourself……..

I bet you thought about something really positive didn’t you, and then instantly talked yourself out of it for reasons personal to you;

– I don’t have enough money

– Don’t have enough time

– I don’t have the confidence

– Don’t have the knowledge

– I’m not smart enough

– I got told I wouldn’t achieve anything by a teacher/parent/ex/partner

– Its easier for them

– I don’t have anyone supporting me.

All of those points above can be changed but only if you allow it to and you make a conscious effort to change it;

– go find or earn the money, it’s out there

– make the time, stop watching tv and use that time to change your life

– go and see someone who will help you grow your confidence or read a self help book

– educate yourself, read some books, articles or go back to college

– use other people’s crap opinion as motivation to prove them wrong (and believe me when I say, those comments are more about them then they are you)

– it’s not easier for one person over another, stop being a victim

– go find new people to support you, create your own tribe.

I agree, it’s all too easy to look back at all the bad things that have happened in our lives (I mean we all have a story don’t we?) and use them as EXCUSES for not doing what we want to do or being who we want to be.

But how about flipping that excuse and using it as REASON to do just that??

I believe you can achieve anything you want in life but only if you really, really want it and your actions reflect that.

Show up every single day. Take small consistent steps. Be kind to people, give more than you receive and I promise you it will happen.

I am living proof of that and I couldn’t be happier in what I do for ‘work’, helping people grow themselves and their businesses.

I love what I do every single day and I hope you will all find something that lights your fire too. It’s never to late πŸ’•

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