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Jo Bevilacqua

Are you looking for a UK based in-person Mastermind group?

Jo Bevilacqua

I’m here to help!

My in-person Mastermind group, based in Peterborough, is a great way to motivate entrepreneurs and business newbies to take control of their business, achieve their goals and become successful, based on what success means for them!

Running a business can be incredibly rewarding, and exciting! But I’ll be real with you, it can be hard work, and hectic at times! So that’s why I have created my Vault Mastermind group.

It brings together strong networks of like-minded, business savvy entrepreneurs who want to see each other succeed, and not only receive a great deal of support, but help others too!

We inspire one another to take on all challenges that come our way, and plan for the future, allowing us to build even better businesses and help you thrive.

Ready to build up your brand and revolutionise your business? I’m here for you!

Is In-Person Mastermind right for me?

My Mastermind workshops are ideal for entrepreneurs who want to grow in confidence, build resilience, and scale their business!

We help you on this journey with group sessions where you’ll receive support and guidance from people on the same journey as you, through interactive learning, brainstorming and listening to insights from expert keynote speakers.

Not only that, I help you figure out any issues or barriers you may have, as well as guide you through the changes you’re going to go through. We’ll keep you accountable and celebrate your success! We truly are a team, your cheerleaders and your mentors!

There is definitely something for everyone, from brand new start-ups all way to established business owners.

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What’s Included?

What other’s are saying…

Since I have been a part of Mastermind, my entire outlook on life has changed! I'm 100% more confident than I was before! I am now constantly improving both personally and in my business.

Thinking about Mastermind but undecided? I'm happy to have a chat! I’ve worked with Jo over the last 3yrs on my business and it’s now thriving! I love the support, accountability, there for the wins and the struggles and couldn’t be without the group. Can you afford not to?

Natalie BranniganThe Little Marketing Company

Mastermind is an honest look into what you want and a constructive approach to get you there. It's a group where you can be supported to help understand what might be holding you back and then to put into place an action plan in order to progress.

I highly recommend that anyone sitting on the fence has a chat with Jo about Mastermind. Mastermind groups with Jo and the other ladies in my group has improved every aspect of my life not only my business!

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