How to Manage and Plan Your Time Effectively

Manage time is something that ALWAYS comes up with my clients.

“There is just never enough time in the day”

“I need an extra hour a day”

So we have come up with some tips to help you manage your time effectively.

Plan out your week

Planning out your week ahead will save you loads of time on Monday morning when you’re
ready to get started with work. You already know what’s happening this week so you can just
crack on straight away. There’s no need to sit and work on unimportant tasks like going
through your emails, for example, you know exactly what you are doing every hour of the

Obviously, things can change but as long as you have a basis to work from, you will save
loads of time and get loads done in the long run.

Use a diary

Diaries will allow you to be more organised and you can see straight away what you’ve got
on for the day. These are also great to monitor your team and see what they have on for the
day/week/month. Online diaries are great for this. Online or on paper diaries are both great.

Set time limits

Setting time limits for tasks is so important. If you’ve only got 2 hours to complete something,
there is a high chance you will complete it. But if you give yourself all day to do something,
you will take all day.

Also, if you know a task takes you more than one hour to complete, you should think about
whether it will be worth your time and money hiring someone else to do that task for you. If
you’re wasting an hour on social media and your hourly rate is £100, that’s £100 wasted. But
if you hire someone £25 an hour, you’re saving yourself £75.

Prioritise tasks

As a business owner, you probably have a never ending to do list. But what is important is
recognising which tasks are urgent and need doing straight away and which ones can wait
until next week or so on.

Put your tasks into 4 different sections; Urgent, Important, Like To Do, Delegate.

By organising your tasks into the 4 different sections, you will have a clear plan on what
tasks need doing TODAY, what tasks you can delegate and what tasks you can fit in in your
‘free’ time (these will be the tasks you like to do).


Delegate, delegate, delegate!

This is one of the MOST important things to do. I believe that to build a strong business, you
should delegate or outsource tasks that you either don’t enjoy doing or don’t make you any
money. This is so you can focus on bringing money into the business.

You can delegate to VA’s or even hire someone and build a team so that eventually the
business can run without you and you can step away.

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