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Along with all the other exciting things we have in store, we are now accepting guest bloggers on our site!

If you’ve got a way with words and have a passion for helping others with their business, just like me, then go ahead and submit your pitch for your blog!

We’re always excited about new ideas, new content, and new perspectives, which is why we’d love to include guest blogs on our site.
We cover a range of topics including small businesses, new businesses, entrepreneurship, and more.

Fill out the form below and submit your pitch to us! We will review it and be in contact with you soon. Make sure you’re in line with our requirements and adhere to our guidelines which are all listed below, then get writing!

Content Guidelines

All blogs submitted must be original content, and written to a good standard.

The word count must be no less than 600 words and can only be posted elsewhere 2 weeks after it has been published on the Jo Bevilacqua Mentoring website, and cannot be posted anywhere before published by us.

If you’d like to promote your blog on social media, make sure you tag our appropriate socials on your post.

Content written must be genuine and honest! We’re looking for writers who really want to help others and make a difference. Your blog must be informative, with a friendly and conversational tone.

Evidence is a must! Make sure you back up your ideas and justify them appropriately. Ensure you keep your structure simple and easy on the eyes.

Blogs must be written and submitted through our given landing page and only relevant images may be included.

Please avoid unnecessary promotion of products or services. Though we will not edit any of your content specifically, we hold the right to make any adjustments relating to grammar, spelling, or structure or anything we deem inappropriate for our website.


  • Small Businesses
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Start-up
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Tips
  • ‘How-To’
  • Time Management
  • Productivity


  • Your full name
  • Email
  • Link to your website
  • Up to 2 previous blogs posts on your own or another website(optional)
  • Blog title
  • Blog pitch


Back links are accepted in your blog post as long as they are directly relevant to the topic you talk about. One back link to your own website may be included in your bio, but not within the article as well. You may also include up to 2 links to your social medias in your bio.

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