Good, Better, Best

Watermarked Example of the GBB worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you work out what a ‘good‘ life is, your next steps to a ‘better‘ life and the unlimited options in your ‘best‘ life.

Starting from a ‘good‘ life, this could be a small step from what you already have. It could include things like a holiday or a cleaner, small things that could currently improve your life.

A ‘better life would be a step up from your ‘good‘ life. This could be an au pair, two holidays a year or even a bigger premises for your business. This ‘better‘ life should include things that you think would make your life easier and more comfortable.

Your ‘best‘ life is the last step to a life that is individual and unique to you. If you had unlimited money and there was nothing or no one holding you back, what would you wish for? Your possibilities are endless! This could include a driver, a holiday every half term, a vacation home – the sky isn’t even the limit here.

Work out the cost of each goal in all three lives so you can get a rough idea of what you need to achieve to get there. You actually might surprise yourself at how close you are to living your better or best life!

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