Goal Setting Retreat 2022

2022 Goal Setting Retreat

A weekend retreat to London with a small group of like-minded business owners.

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Goal Setting Jan 2022
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Want to start the New Year focused, confident and raring to go?

Have you been craving that clarity for your next moves?

I can help you!

We are holding a Goal Setting Retreat in January of 2022. It’s a whole weekend working on your business and diving deep into your goals so you can plan your next steps with confidence

During your time with us down in London, you will be working on your businesses, setting yourself those big scary goals.
We will then break those down into smaller goals to reduce the feeling of overwhelm! Following with steps of how your are going to achieve those.

Being business owners, we can all get caught up in the day to day tasks needed to be done that we forget to take time out of it to work on building our businesses. What better way to do this than with a small group of like minded business women who are all ready to push themselves and their businesses forward!?

Over the weekend, we will;

Brain Dump

All the thoughts in your head onto paper so you can create a clear vision for your business and gain back that clarity we’ve all been craving for the past year or so!


Everything into achievable goals, targets, and actions so you can make actionable steps to push you and your business further towards success, long-term.


A huge 90 day plan, where you can map out exactly what your next 3 months look like! The great thing is, you can re-use your big planners every 90 days!

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There will be ZERO distractions! It’s the perfect opportunity to take some time out to work on our businesses in a relaxing, quiet, and comfortable environment.

You will also get an opportunity for a One to One session with me where we will go through your 90 day plan and I can give you some tailored advice and guidance moving forward.

Don’t worry though, we won’t be working all weekend! You’ll have a chance to relax in the evenings – an opportunity to chill out, have a drink and reflect on the day. No worry about the cooking or cleaning either, we’ve got this covered!

There’s even a gym and swimming pool just across the road available for you to use.

We really want this to be as beneficial for you as possible.

Places are only £300 each!

You can spend the weekend with us thrashing out your goals and a plan on how to reach those for just £300.
This includes all food, drink, and accommodation for the WHOLE weekend.

So, are you ready to invest in your business?

Goal Setting Retreat attendees having dinner together


“I just want to highly recommend Jo’s Goal Setting Weekend Retreat. This weekend has given me the time and space to really think out how I want next year to look and to map out the next 90 days. Like many mums  I don’t get much real thinking time and real planning and implementation time. Always fire fighting!”

“Lots of retreats pile on more information, but this weekend we got
down to the real nitty gritty. We didn’t have to think about cooking
or cleaning just our business and Jo and Chelsie were on hand to
support and guide us all the way. Don’t even hesitate to get on the
next one, do whatever you need to do to get there!”

“Just back from an overnight retreat in London with 6 more mumpreneurs with Jo (and Chelsie) as a host and facilitator. We stayed in a huge and comfortable house with plenty of food and drinks (nobody got drunk!! Unbelieveable!). It’s been a successful and chilled workshop planning our years business strategy plan. It’d recommend it!”

“Friday night I went on a retreat with some of the other mumpreneur ladies to work on my strategy for the year. I am ashamed to admit, I’ve never really written clear goals and actions how to get there. I jumped at the chance to do this as having two young children it would take me forever to do at home and I wasn’t completely sure how to plan it! Big thank you to Jo and chelsie for organising this!”