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Welcome to my events page! Here you’ll find a list of all of my upcoming events, as well as our previous events too. My event days are perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs who are not only trying to gain clarity within their business, but also perfect for those looking to network and meet new people in the industry.

My event days are the best way to take time out, gain clarity, and work ON your business rather than IN your business. It’s a day  with a ton of teaching, learning and taking action! It’s also an opportunity to have a good natter with each other, eat some great food, and just have a day of fun.

I try to keep my events as light and upbeat as possible, however, our community is a safe, non-judgemental space for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings. It’s okay to have a cry if you need! We’re all there to support each other, learn from each other, and make some real progress personally and professionally.

Upcoming Events


May 2022

Marrakech Retreat

Are you ready to push your business forward in luxurious surroundings?! I am so excited to be bringing this opportunity into the community and I really hope that for once you guys confidently put yourselves and your business needs before everything else.

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Previous Events


September 2021

Let’s Make Money Honey!

Our Money Honey Event Day was offered for those who took part in our 8 Week Course! If you hadn’t guessed, this event was all about making money, selling, and promoting. I’ll always say, I love being back in the same room with everyone, and spending time working on our businesses, and just having a good laugh!

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September 2021

Back To Business

September is usually a great time to reflect and reset. Have a look at your long term goals and put a strategy together on how you’d get there. What better way to do that, than spend a day with other business owners doing the same thing! We’ll be thinking about your strategy and use elements of our six pillar signature program. It’s a great chance for you to get back to networking with other business owners in person!

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July 2021

Smash the rest of 2021

Want clarity and planning for the next 6 months? Look no further! We will spend the whole day working on your business helping you get clarity on what you want and need to make for the remaining six months of 2021 and beyond, as productive, profitable and enjoyable as possible.
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June 2021

5 Day Challenge

Need clarity on money? Want to learn how to manage your time more effectively for your business? Need to get in front of the right people for your business? After five days you’ll no longer feel like your business is controlling you and taking over your life. Take back the reins! Join my 5 Day Challenge!

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