Entrepreneur Spotlight

Jo Bevilacqua

What is the Entrepreneur Spotlight?


Our Entrepreneur Spotlight is a brand new platform, right here on our website! This is for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and like-minded business brainiac’s. You can share your story, inspire others, and also promote your businesses. It’s another way for us to all network with each other, as well as get to know everyone within our amazing community.


Why did we decide to start this?


We decided to introduce this platform as a way for our community to get to know more about one another and our stories. Celebrate achievements, and to have a safe, non-judgemental space. Share your downfalls, and how you got back up!

The way I see it, is as much competition there is within the business world, we’re all in the same boat. All of us are just trying to work hard to achieve our goals and live the lives we deserve. I know that our new space is a fantastic way of supporting each other along our crazy journeys through the business industry.

It’s so important that whilst we all have our own businesses, we all support each other!


How does it work?


We’ve decided the best way to do this is to pick a new entrepreneur to shine under the spotlight, once a month. We’ll introduce someone new each month to talk about their experience in entrepreneurship. This could also include their general lives, and what makes them happy.

You don’t have to be a world renowned entrepreneur to be a part of this. No matter what level of expertise you’re at, we all deserve to be recognised, supported, and congratulated on our achievements. If you’re completely new to the business game, or you’re an established entrepreneur, take your turn and shine under our spotlight!


What’s next?


If you’re interested in getting more involved, why not tell us your story? The button below will redirect you to a short questionnaire to fill out, giving you the chance to share your experiences.


It’s your time, shine under our Entrepreneur Spotlight today.

Shine with us!