Content Tips for Small Business Owners

It can seem really hard to think of new content tips for your business every day so we have come up with some great tips you can use for creating content.

1. Repurpose
2. Everything is content
3. Stories sell
4. Don’t be too pushy
5. Blog, blog and blog!
6. Be consistent


You don’t need to create NEW content every day. Already have a blog about the importance of delegating? Why not create a video using the same content, or you can take snippets out to put on your social media, to refer back to your blog?

There are loads of ways you can repurpose your content and it means that you don’t need to create something new every time. Only around 6% of the people who like your Facebook page will see your posts, which means that there will be a lot who don’t see anything. This is great because this means that you can repurpose your content in lots of different ways and
the people who like your page won’t necessarily have seen every time you share something
around the same subject (no matter how annoying you think you’re being).

So if you are creating a video for your website or social media, write down what you are
going to talk about and then upload that as a blog. And you can go even further with this and
take out 3 snippets from each video and share on your socials once a week.

By doing this, you will most likely find you have enough content there for at least 3 – 6

Everything is content:

You can use anything as content, it doesn’t always need to be business based. If you are
having a day off, tell your followers what you’re doing on your day off. You can share pieces
of information about yourself that your followers wouldn’t know, and this will then lead to
building trust and relationships with them, meaning they will more likely buy from you in the
future (as long as your products/services suit them).

Stories sell:

Everyone loves a story! They love to know what happened at the beginning, middle and end.
your followers. You need to be open and transparent.

Share your struggles. What makes a great story is if you have come across hardship and
have then managed to overcome this. To tell a good story, you need to be able to share your
vulnerabilities with

Share your doubts.
Share your difficult periods.
Then share how you overcome them.
How did you manage to get out of your struggle?
What made you stop having doubts?
How did you come out of your difficult times?
What did you do?

By sharing your stories, you will create lots of engagement with your followers and again, it
builds trust with them, meaning they will more likely buy from you or refer you to people.

Don’t be too pushy:

By this, I mean don’t sell, sell, sell ALL THE TIME.

Selling and promoting your offerings is great and you should definitely do this! But, if you are
spending all your time selling and not giving content, your followers aren’t going to buy from
you because they don’t actually know what you can do for them. They don’t know that what
you do can benefit them because they don’t really know what you do. All they know is that
you sell X, Y and Z.

Blog, blog, blog!:

Blogging is so important for your business. By regularly blogging, people know that you for
one, are still going as a business and two, this will help you build a strong presence online
and with your SEO.

Your blogs can again be about ANYTHING! It is just another platform for your content. A
great tip is to think of your FAQs and answer those as a blog.

For example, for an accountant you may get asked what is better to use, Quickbooks or
Xero. You could then write a blog including all the features of both and some pros and cons
and then your follower can make up its mind.

Another example would be if you’re a cook/baker, a blog idea could be a recipe or how to
make your favourite dish.

These don’t need to be complicated. Start with the title and then bullet point what you can
include and go from there. Before you know it, you’ll have a blog in no time.

Be consistent:

This is probably the most important one of them all. It is all well and good creating content in
one day, but if you then don’t create any content for another week, it shows the platform that
you are using that you are inconsistent and will less likely show your content organically.

This means it will be harder for you to be seen.

If you only have time to share one post a day on social media then only do one post a day. If
you only have time to write one blog a month then only do ONE blog a month.

Consistency is key!

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