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Common Skills Shared Between Content Writers…

What are some common skills shared between content writers?

Anyone can create content, some people are instilled with the essential skills needed, but for others it can be something they need to develop. However, whether you’re experienced or brand new to the writing game, there’s always something to learn, and always room to improve, and that’s with anything you do in your life. So let’s look at some skills commonly shared between content writers.

Shared skills of content writers/creators… 

Personal skills…

  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to write from different perspectives
  • Communication
  • Ability to take in new information

Physical skills…

  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Computer/typing
  • SEO knowledge
  • Time management
  • Knowledge of industry

I’ve split the skills into two categories, personal, and physical skills. Physical ones are skills that are taught more often and that anyone can learn. However, the personal skills touch on the type of personality a content creator may have. Not to say that these cannot be learnt, but some of them are just within certain personality types! Let’s go through some of these shared skills…


of course, in order to create content, you need some kind of creative streak. The great thing about creativity is that it can be applied to absolutely everything. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s always an opportunity for a creative perspective. Creativity ties in with the ability to think of new ideas and new ways of conveying your message to your readers.

Patience –

this is quite a big one. When I say patience I mean patience with yourself, and with your craft! Writers block is a huge thing when writing blogs, social media content, website copy and everything in between (I talk more about writers block, and the other struggles of blog writing here, check it out!). This can really be quite frustrating, which is where patience comes into it. You can’t force creativity, or ideas, so patience is a huge part of being a content writer. Stress is further going to lower your chances of thinking of ideas, so being patient with yourself and keeping a cool head will help you think rationally.

Self-motivation –

I know for a lot of people, not even just content writers but business owners too, struggle to keep themselves motivated. However, it’s important to acknowledge how important self-motivational skills really are within this industry. You can’t avoid dips in productivity or motivation, it’s natural, especially if you’re doing something quite repetitive. But the thing that makes the difference is how you get yourself out of that dip. It’s a skill to be able to recognize you’re low morale and think of ways to get that back up and get working again.

Grammar –

as you probably guessed, you’re going to need grammar skills, or at least some kind of knowledge of the English language to write. The reason I put this in physical tasks is that this is something that’s widely taught, in fact compulsory in schools, so most people have some kind of knowledge. Some may struggle with it, which is why its definitely something that can be taught and it’s 100% a helpful skill to have. It’s not just words; it includes punctuation, sentence length, paragraphs, spelling, and all the rest. 

Computer/typing –

whilst very intricate knowledge of computers and systems isn’t essential, it’s definitely vital to have at least a basic knowledge of computers, as well as programmes such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Although I mostly use Word, there may be instances where you have to use other systems. I also say typing skills because it does help you if you can type a a decent speed. Touch typing is something that could be quite beneficial, since it would speed up efficiency, but I wouldn’t say it’s essential.

Time management –

whilst this skill is shared between probably every single industry and job role out there, it’s absolutely essential as a content writer/creator. Having a solid structured plan and posting schedule is key in keeping your readers engaged. It keeps your skills fresh in your head. I know that quite a common struggle is spending too much time on one piece, but it’s important to set the boundary and know when to stop, so you can get it published in time. Don’t overthink what you write, and stick to the schedule!

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