Heard of Clubhouse? The networking platform for Business Growth

Clubhouse is the new, up and coming, networking platform. Connecting like-minded individuals through their common interests, aspirations or goals, in a series of interactive, and live, chat rooms.

Each user has the ability to speak through their microphone to their peers, and create an open discussion about a chosen topic. Business owners, therefore, have seen Clubhouse as a new way to promote their hustle, gain advice and discuss contemporary issues, but how does it work, and is it worth the hype?


How do you get on Clubhouse?


The quickest and easiest way to gain access to the hype of clubhouse is by getting an invite.

You can get an invite from a friend or someone in your network who is already a member on clubhouse. They can send you an invite by text.

As a premise, this encourages current users to bring valuable individuals to the platform, who they feel can contribute, or gain from its interaction.


What you need to know


Business owners primarily use Clubhouse for different topic-related Clubs and Rooms, that users can choose to interact with, based on who they follow, and what they’re interested in gaining for their business, or professional growth.

Each Room has a Leader, and a selection of Moderators, that direct the conversation and have the ability to bring speakers to the stage. As an example, I run three rooms during the week:


  • Breakfast with The Cartel, Monday 8am


  • Impact with Intention, Tuesday 7pm


  • Yay-day, You made it to the end of the week, Friday 5:30pm


Clubhouse profit

Get your business out there


If you have a topic that you’re passionate about, or you feel other business professionals could benefit from discussing, absolutely! Why not? Your room may give them the push they need to seek new opportunities!

In addition, running your own room will allow you to be a Moderator of that room. Therefore, you will be able to control the stage, who else is a Moderator, and which speakers you invite to carry on the topic of discussion.

And there you have it! I strongly encourage all of my network to get involved with Clubhouse if they can, and would love to hear from you in any of my rooms!

Within these rooms, it is advantageous for you to engage with the topic of conversation, by using the raise-hand function.

This is an opportunity to introduce yourself, what your business is, and take part in the present discussion.

Often, many users find they see a surge in brand awareness, or an increase in the number of business enquiries, as a result of even a short interaction.

Alternatively, many business owners also seek advice on stage, asking specific questions to any issues they are currently facing on their journey.

Given that there is a wide range of expertise, skills and personalities in Clubhouse rooms, often every question is tackled from various perspectives to give a well-rounded answer.

You will also have the opportunity to share your thoughts, giving additional value to the room.


Tips to making you stand out


  • Begin by uploading a clear picture of yourself, much like you would use on LinkedIn!


  • Give an insight into what you do, and what you have achieved. This may be a brief description of your business, or businesses, any awards you have won, or what you’re passionate about! You can break these descriptions up into sections by writing it out in your notes first, similar to writing an Instagram caption. You can make each section more eye-catching, by using a relevant emoji as a bullet point.


  • Lastly, it is crucial that you link your Instagram and Twitter profiles to your Clubhouse account. Linking those two accounts are the sole methods that those you network with, can contact you after the room ends.


Clubhouse steps

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