My Business Mastermind Group, The Vault Mastermind.

The Vault: Business Mastermind Group

My Business Mastermind Group

The Vault Mastermind is my Business Mastermind Group based in Peterborough, UK. I bring together small groups of powerful, like-minded business owners who want to develop their businesses.

Inside The Vault, we build strong businesses for sustainable success. I know we all love a quick win now and then. But in order to succeed your business needs to be sustainable and bring in consistent income.

In my Business Mastermind Group, you’ll build an elite skill set from an amalgamation of support, education, knowledge, and accountability that will transform you and your business to the next level.

You’ll learn to build, grow, and scale your business in a way that’s right for YOU and your business, rather than the way you’re told you ‘have’ to. 

My Business Mastermind Group, The Vault Mastermind.

What is a sustainable business?

A lot of people can come up with a great idea for a business, or try and turn their passion into their full time job as a business owner. But what really counts is that your business is sustainable, and that it lasts long-term. 

A sustainable business is…

  • One that survives if you take more than a week off. You should be able to step away from your business and take some time for yourself! If your business is sustainable and successful, it should still run smoothly without you there.
  • Something that consistently delivers you sustainable income. As I said above, we all love a quick win now and then! But the important thing is that you have at least one main product or service that brings you consistent sustainable income so your business continues to grow.
  • A business that can continue to thrive once you step away from it. If you want to diversify in the future or start another business just like me, your business should be able to run on it’s own whilst you build something new.
In my Business Mastermind Group, we make strong businesses for sustainable success!
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What makes my Business Mastermind Group unique?

Your business is unique! So I make sure my approach to mentoring is too. In my Business Mastermind Group I make sure that everything I teach is 100% tailored to your business.

I cut the BS. Are you sick of hearing generic advice? Things like ‘make six figures overnight with this trick’ – it’s not realistic! That’s not who I am. I make sure to be completely honest with you, because the only way to make real progress is by embracing vulnerability and doing what’s right for YOU – not by following the crowd.

Inside The Vault you’ll build life-long connections with like-minded people who encourage  one another to be honest and open. We push each other to go outside our comfort zones and always hold each other accountable.

I use my 12 years of business expertise and experience of starting and running three different businesses (in three TOTALLY different industries) to guide and mentor those on a similar journey. 

I’ll provide you with the essential business knowledge and education that’s needed for you to build a successful business, because you can have all the knowledge in the world of your chosen industry, but what you really need is a strong, solidified knowledge of the fundamentals that all businesses share.


So, what else do you get in The Vault Mastermind?

In my Business Mastermind Group, you’ll get…

One full day a month

You’ll come together with a group of like-minded, powerful business owners and work together as a team.

Bespoke Learning.

We won’t just follow the latest trends or fads. You’ll learn how to build your dream business in a way that’s right for YOU!

Guest Speakers

Who are experts in their field. It’s an opportunity for professional advice from an objective set of eyes. I bring these in every so often.

Hot Seat Moments

You’ll get a chance for a hot seat moment, where you’ll receive a laser-focused analysis of your business from myself and your peers.

.And so much more!

Does The Vault Mastermind sound right for you and your business?

The Vault Mastermind is a six month investment at just £500 per month. Over the six month commitment, we’ll make changes to your business that drive a huge impact. 

Building a business that’s strong and sustainable means you always have choices, and have as much possible control over your life.

If my Business Mastermind Group sounds right for you and your business, I’d LOVE to jump on a call with you! Are you in? Book the best time for us to have a chat here.

If you’d still like some more information you can check out my Mastermind page.

I hope we can work together soon!

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