Business is Personal, Now That’s the Bottom Line.

What makes business personal?

Some people may disagree, but I’m a firm believer that business IS personal! If you’re someone who thinks the opposite, I would definitely question that.

The way in which we run our businesses can massively reflect our beliefs, and our values. These things can affect the type of business we own, the kind of people we work with, and the ways in which we reach our audiences and gain new clients.

We all start our businesses for different reasons. But through my nearly 13 years in the business industry, I’ve heard so many people say the main reason they started their business is so they can turn what they love into something profitable – and do it full time. 

So, passion is a huge part of business. It’s another aspect that makes it personal. Most of our businesses revolve around something we love. Our businesses are something we want to protect at all costs, and we may worry from time to time about what other people think of it, because it means so much to us. I feel that. 


Let’s embrace it!

Since business is so personal, it can be difficult to be open and honest sometimes. Especially when talking about our struggles and downfalls. A lot of us tend to hold ourselves to such high standards. Constantly comparing ourselves to people who look like they have it all and have no struggles. But in reality, everyone’s got their own problems. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

But we need to embrace these personal aspects. As hard as it can be, it can help us in so many ways.

When we are open and honest within our communities, it allows us to grow, not only professionally, but personally too. The more we face our feelings and be honest with not only our community, but with ourselves too, the more we allow ourselves to develop and make meaningful progress throughout our lives.

You may not realise, but a lot of the things you feel I know people will resonate with. Especially when you’re within a like-minded community. Speaking honestly allows you to build new connections, and create new opportunities to be a part of. We can miss out on so much if we hold back and ignore how we feel.

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Being vulnerable is a good thing…

One thing I tend to push within my community is that being vulnerable is something good. Like i said, it allows us to create more personal connections within our communities, and personally develop in so many ways.

That’s why in my Mastermind groups I encourage people to be totally honest. And I do the same!  A huge part of it is the accountability – the more connected we are with each other, the more inclined we are to always hold each other accountable, meaning we make so much more progress within our businesses, and our personal lives. 

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