‘No Longer Last The Next Chapter’ Breakthrough          Mastermind Day

     An event worth thousands, but available as a free bonus to you

My new, exclusive Mastermind is one you won’t want to miss and it takes place on March 3rd.

It’s been a tough time for everybody- including you- as of late, hasn’t it?

But now, me and 12 inspirational entrepreneurs, want to make sure you join us- in our safe space- and take action right now, in making this a year you won’t forget.

It all starts with us coming together during your one-of-a-kind, intimate day.

There are no ego’s in our group and this safe space is a place where we put one another first, where we connect and where we prosper.

It’s time to feel connected again, and you should be proud…you and your business are about to come out the other side of this Pandemic all the stronger for it, and we’re here to help you reignite that spark.




  • Inspiration in abundance
  • Experienced support group for you
  • Unrivaled business knowledge at the palm of your hands
  • Motivation you’ve been lacking
  • The connection you’ve missed in the Pandemic
  • 4 x 45-minute Q&A’s to get your questions answered
  • Knowledge worth thousands available for free to you
  • A one-off event you can’t miss
  • Find out what we’re working on and a chance to talk bout your next moves with us
  • 20 books to gift and inspire your friends and family with

“I want to help business owners like you to reach your full potential. Even if you do not feel like that it is possible, I KNOW you are capable of it.”

Topics Covered

  • Juggling biz ➕ parenting
  • Self-worth ➕ self belief
  • Building your Biz ➕ your life
  • Support network ➕ Accountability
  • X4 45-minute Q&A’s where it’s your chance to take the floor


With you will be

Me, Jo Bevilacqua- Multiple Business Owner & International Author


These ladies have a wealth of knowledge that I am excited to share with you during our time together.

I know it’s been a hard year with the pandemic; lockdown after lockdown, back to home-schooling and trying to juggle business alongside it.

It gets tough, but with the right support we can come out the other side all the stronger for it.

I’m lucky to have this group of ladies as my support network and they have been one of the reasons I have had the confidence to step up as a leader and a business owner and now we want you and your business to thrive in the same way we have.

“Jo is a winner for me, not just because she was a fantastic winner of the Small Business of the Year award at The Small Awards 2018, but because of all the characteristics we recognised in her then and now. She creates a workplace that fosters skills, ambition and happiness; she steps up repeatedly to share her expertise with others; and she is driven to empower other entrepreneurs, particularly women, who need that Bevilacqua magic, which she bestows so willingly.”-Michelle Ovens CBE

Jo Bevilacqua

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This event is worth thousands when broken down.

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Who Needs my Book ‘No Longer Last on the List’

  • Busy Women
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Multi-Tasking Mum’s
  • Students
  • Young Adults
  • Parents & Carer’s
  • Career Changers

People to Gift my Book to

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Colleagues
  • Clients
  • Business Partners
  • Networking Attendees
  • Competition Winner’s

We can’t wait to welcome you to this one-off breakthrough Mastermind day, Wednesday 3rd March.

Send us over any questions or the screenshot to show you have purchased 20 copies, to hello@jobevilacqua.com, and you will secure your place to this exclusive event.