Backlinks; Why are They so Important?

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are essentially a link that leads to a resource or website. For example, let’s say you did an interview for a company, which they uploaded to their website. Most companies will include a backlink to your website in the bio, or embed it somewhere within the post. Backlinks can look like…

  • ‘You can read more about this here’ – the reader can click the hyperlinked ‘here’ which will direct them to an article or resource related to the post. Backlinks like these are easier and embed naturally into posts.


  • ‘Take a look at’’ – whilst this is less naturally embedded, it provides a much more clear direction for the reader, and where the link will take them.


  • ‘Why not have a look at my blogs?’ – here the word ‘blogs’ is hyperlinked. Again, these are easily embedded within a post, and look natural. It still gives a clear direction for the reader and shows them where the link will take them to.

Backlinks are seen in many different ways, including ones not in this list. But they’re pretty easy to spot.


How do they benefit you?

There’s many ways that backlinks can benefit you and your business. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits…

  • They drive attraction/traffic to your website

The more backlinks you’re able to get under your belt, the more attraction you’ll get to your website. More traffic to your website will help with your ranking on organic search results.

  • They strengthen your domain authority

Backlinks also strengthen your domain authority. If you’re unsure what domain authority is, it’s essentially a number that scores your website’s relevance to a certain industry or area. It’s a way to score your ranking within organic search results. The more backlinks you get, the higher your domain authority – boosting your ranking,

  • They boost your SEO score

If you gain more backlinks, your SEO score will increase. Your SEO score shows how strong the technical aspects and user-interface of your website are. Again, the higher the score, the higher your ranking on organic search results.


How can you gain more backlinks?

There’s definitely a few ways for you to be able to gain more backlinks. These include;

  • Contributing guest blogs

Guest blogs are a great way to gain backlinks. If you’re struggling to find somewhere that accepts guest blogs, try searching ‘keyword + guest blogs’ or ‘keyword + contribute’, or something along those lines. This should bring up organic results for websites that accept guest contributions. Submit your pieces to them – and through that they should include a backlink to your website, and some even to your social medias.

  • Doing interviews

Doing interviews for certain companies also brings in backlinks, in the same way that guest blogs do. If someone reaches out to you for an interview, or even if you reach out to them, they should include a backlink to your website in the bio or somewhere within the interview post.

  • Creating high quality content

A reason to make sure you’re creating high quality content is because it will also help you gain backlinks. If your content is relevant, interesting, and benefits the reader, companies who read it are likely to include a backlink to your blog/post as a resource that’s relevant to their niche!

  • Writing testimonials for companies

Writing testimonials is also another great way to get backlinks. A company you worked with may ask you for one, or you can offer to write one for them! This will normally be included somewhere on their website, and again, they should backlink to your website somewhere in your testimonial.

  • Looking at your competitors websites

Another way is to take a look at your competitors’ websites. See what they’re doing to bring in backlinks and try to do something similar. Don’t copy exactly what they’re doing or writing about, but if you notice a specific technique that seems to be working, try it out!


Backlinks are so beneficial…

Overall, backlinks help drive traffic to your website, and boost your domain authority and SEO score. This ultimately helps boost your ranking within organic search results, driving more customers to your websites where they can buy your products and services.

Try out some of the things I’ve mentioned above and you should start to see an increase in backlinks! We use a programme called UberSuggests that keeps track of our SEO score and domain authority. 

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