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A Mailing List… What are the Benefits?

What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is essentially a list of emails or contacts that people can sign up for through your website. More often than not, most websites include a pop up when someone clicks onto the home page, asking for their contact details.

A mailing list is used to keep your audience/clients up to date on the latest news relevant to your business, as well as any special offers or exclusive events – contacts are usually the first to hear about these things.

What kind of thing should I send out to my contacts?

Mailing lists are used for a number of things, but some common emails consist of;

  • Exclusive offers/deals
  • First come-first served basis events
  • Promotion of new products/services
  • The latest news/updates on your business
  • Requests for feedback or reviews
  • Relevant blogs, tips or how-to’s about your industry

The content sent out to your contacts should be exclusive to those who signed up. They need a reason to stay subscribed, so make sure that what they receive is unique to them, and not something they could easily just find on your website, or your social media.

How can I create a mailing list?

There are a number of different systems and programmes that you can use to set up your mailing list. We use Active Campaign, where you can send out automations, emails, promotional material etc. It’s a great system to keep track of your contacts, as well as statistics such as open rates (the amount of people who have received the email, and opened it).  However, like I say there’s a ton of different systems you can use. It’s definitely worth doing the research and finding one that’s best for your business.

You also want to be sure that all emails you send out are to clients who have consented to it. This is why a pop up on your website is the perfect way to get new contacts who want to subscribe. And want to get exclusive content.  Yes, we want as many people as possible on our mailing lists. However people may change their minds if they feel the emails they’re receiving aren’t relevant, or of value to them. So make sure it’s easy and convenient for them to unsubscribe at any point. You can just add a button at the bottom of your emails! If they feel they’re being spammed, they’re less likely to buy from your business. Or continue to open the emails in the first place.

How often should I send out emails?

The amount of emails you send out to your clients should vary business to business. They should be relevant and appropriate based on your industry, and the products or services that you offer. With our mailing list, we send out on average 2-3 emails a week. These include some of the things listed above, as well as a news letter.

However, often when we’re promoting new events, we will send out an extra couple to keep our clients informed, and ensure they’re fully aware of the opportunity to get tickets, and work with me.

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The benefits of having a mailing list…

  1. Direct communication with your clients

A mailing list allows you to have direct communication with your clients. You know that the ones who opt in to your mailing list are clients who are genuinely interested in your business. They’d like to know more. So having this opportunity to directly communicate with them will have a huge positive impact on your business, and help your clients feel valued. 

  1. You’re promoting to a much more specific audience

Like I said previously, people who subscribe to the emails are clients who are more likely to want to work with you, and might just want some more information – if they don’t already work with you.  So having a list of all the people interested in your business allows for much more specifically targeted promotion. You can tailor your content exactly to the kind of people on your mailing list. As well as include things that they will resonate with, and that will encourage them to work with you – since you know they’re part of your specific target audience. 

  1. You can continuously share your knowledge with clients

Of course, on your website, you likely have a blog section, or something similar. It should include relevant knowledge and tips based around your industry. However, the content you send out to your contacts needs to be unique! Or something different to what’s on your website. So with a specific list, you can continuously educate your clients (or potential clients you’re looking to convert) with even more knowledge that’s exclusive to them. And of course, who doesn’t want to educate, and help people learn? 

  1. It’s low-cost marketing

Rather than spending money on individual ads, that might not even reach the right audience online, having a mailing list is a great opportunity for low cost budgeting. Each system has different prices based on the things they offer, as well as how advanced it may be. Simpler systems will likely be cheaper. It’s a good idea to do the research into the different potential programmes and find a payment plan that works for you. It’s definitely worth the money. You can send out as much promotional material as you need, to a specifically targeted audience, at a fixed price each month. 

  1. Opportunity for specific feedback

Although you can ask for feedback on your social media, a mailing list is a perfect way for you to receive specific feedback, from specific people. For example, for our last event day, we made a separate mailing list for all the attendees of the event. They received exclusive promotional material about the event and reminders etc. After the event we sent out emails to each attendee on this separate mailing list, requesting feedback on our event day. It’s great to be able to get first-hand feedback on what they thought of it.

 A mailing list is so beneficial for your business…

As you can see there’s a ton ways a mailing list can positively impact your business. Take it from me, it’s definitely worth having one. Hopefully if you’ve been confused about what a mailing list actually is, I’ve been able to provide you with some clarity, and helped you with those first steps to starting your own!

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