5 Business Ideas to start in Peterborough

Have you been made redundant, don’t want to go back to being employed and at a loss for what to do now? Maybe you’ve heard of those successful entrepreneurs, U.K based and worldwide and wished that could be you? 

Well, we are here to tell you anything is possible when it comes to being an entrepreneur and we can show you how. We’ve come up with some business ideas to help get you going. Get ready to start your new adventure of being a successful entrepreneur.

Business Ideas 1. E-commerce 

Buying and selling products online has never been easier. With safe and easy platforms to sell on such as Amazon and Ebay it can be a great place to start. You’d need to decide on what you want to sell first. Something that excites you, or at least something that would give you a buzz when you do start selling is best. Popular things to sell online include: clothes, cosmetics & useful household items to name a few. You could look into this further by doing some research on google or if there’s something unique and in particular you think you could sell especially your own product/s, it may be worth a try. Things you would have to consider are: the initial costs of the products to buy in, postage and delivery costs, profit margins, & keeping up with demand.

Drop Shipping

Another easy option is ‘drop shipping’. Drop shipping means you get someone else to package and ship your products for you. Websites such as Shopify offer this service at different fixed prices per month depending on your needs.

Business Ideas 2. Provide a skilled service online and in person 

Are you particularly skilled in something? Do you have previous experiences from your past employed positions you could make use of? Now could be the perfect time to explore or develop these skills to eventually build a business with. It could be anything from consulting skills or massage therapy, to I.T and tech knowledge. If you can share your skill and if people could benefit from what you have to offer, then it can be made into a business.

Learn a skill to earn:

Fancy learning something new? There are lots of accredited e-courses out there to acquire even the most obscure skills & that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Check out your local area, council and local businesses for at home and in person courses and seminars that you could benefit from at potentially reduced costs.

Business Ideas 3. Create & crafts 

If you’re crafty, creative and haberdashery mad, then you might like to start selling the things you make. Adapted photography, paintings, ornaments, furnishings, quilted and sewed pieces all count. People love bespoke items when it comes to arts and crafts. Offering something unique, aesthetically pleasing, yet unique to the market could potentially be quite a lucrative service. Before you set a price consider the cost of the materials you use AND make sure to factor in the time it takes you to make each item.

Business Ideas 4. Network marketing 

In the past network marketing has got a bad reputation for the lack of success rate and pushy sales. Reputable networking companies in the U.K such as Arbonne and Utility Warehouse have pushed to positively change the perception and effectiveness of their companies for the marketers and customers. Initial start up costs are often little to none and you’d be surprised by how many like minded positive people you could meet who want (and now have) the same success as you do.

There are lots of perks to be earned through these companies such as free products and all expenses paid holidays. You essentially decide how much you earn by how much you push your personal networking business. Most networking companies provide lots of online and in person help and guidance too. Again, it’s best to research or speak to successful marketers to weigh up which company would best suit you and your desires.

Business Ideas 5. Cleaning and ironing services

Obsessed with Mrs Hinch’s instagram feed and love a good clean and tidy? Offering cleaning and ironing services can help you get your ‘hinching’ fix whilst getting paid too. It’s a win win. The initial start up costs (only cleaning products and cloths etc) will be minimal meaning profits will be made almost immediately. If you’d rather be in the comfort of your own home you can always only offer ironing to be brought to your home and picked up for your convenience.

Come to a networking event for business inspiration and guidance: 

Had a read of the business ideas and still stuck for inspiration? Try coming along to one of our networking events where women come together to inspire and support each other as well as share their business stories. We also have guest speakers and provide helpful business tools to give you extra value and support from your visit. 

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